Guy News
By Brenda Dowdy

Summer is here! We had no Spring! Remember, kids are out of school and outside playing, so please slow down while driving. I know there are those of you speeding down South Bolden Hill Road way too fast. Children are at play! SLOW DOWN!

Sharon and Dwight Rimmer recently returned from Connecticut after visiting the grandkids and Robbie and Joann. They got to see Josie’s dance recital and took the girls shopping. Nothing like one on ones with your grands. I am glad you had a safe trip!

The last couple of weeks have been busy. We spent four days in Searcy at the Special Olympics and this past week was spent packing for Sandy, because she had to move! We had only three days to get her packed and moved! Thank you to the Maintence Crew for moving Sandy’s stuff to two different places! What a mess this was! We couldn’t have had it all ready without the help of Debbie Jackson and Becky Gray and my son Jerry! Debbie did the whole kitchen packing and cleaning and Becky helped me with the other rooms. Without their help, I never would have gotten it done. I love these two ladies and am proud to call them mine and Sandy’s friends! Sandy is enjoying her new roommate and caregiver! And mom is resting this week!

The Sands Springs Missionary Baptist Church Community Day was a success. Good old fashion fish fry with all the trimmings, lots of desserts, great fellowship, beautiful singing, lots of fun for kids and dunking the pastor over and over. Thank you to the Faulkner County Sheriffs Office for loaning the dunking booth! Thank you for the invite of me and my family! We had a great time! Hats off to Sue Clay for making it happen along with others and to the cooks. It was really hot out there!

I know your summers are full so share your vacations after you come back it is always interesting to see where others have been. People do like to hear what is going on in our community

The Saturday after the 4th of July will be fireworks that Jeff and Brett Hliver put on every year out of their pockets. There has been a gofundme set up to help with this expensive event. They spend lots of money to provide to the community to enjoy great fireworks. Please help them out! Can go to either ones Facebook info for more information. Please support this, as it is expensive they have done this for years for the community!

Keep the following in prayer Theoda and Myra Griffith, Diane Remus, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Bessie and Darrell Bearden, Jeanie Glover, any one else that has been sick or in hospital. Send news to me on Facebook or call 450-0395. Have a great week don’t drink, do drugs or text and drive!

Centerville News
By Jennifer Freeman

Rounding out the first half of 2018 for Centerville United Methodist Church will be the Centerville School Reunion. This year it is set for Saturday, June 30, at the Church, Starting at 10 a.m. the format is to meet, talk a while, and then have lunch provided by the Church.

Former students, their families, and their guests are urged to make their ways again to this northern Faulkner County community. The Church is adjacent to the old school grounds where the home economics building, the storm house, and the pump house still stand. From such a vantage point, memories of teachers, games, classes, graduations, friendships, and kindred events spring easily to mind.

Now, but perhaps not then, Centerville school years from the mid-teens to the early 1950s can be considered the “good old days.” Numbers of former students are certainly dwindling and thought to be fewer than 100. Still, there are enough to enjoy getting together; so, mark your calendars and meet once again at this historic place for some memorable stories.

Many church members were out this past week with vacations and other arrangements but the monthly fellowship potluck was still held and a success. Pastor Lana Gartner preached a sermon reminding us we only have one life to live and need to do so to the fullest, trying to not let fear guide us from getting the most out of our life. If you have news for the Centerville Community, please email me at