Experts on food and design Don Bingham and Georg Andersen talked about what goes into making a beautiful home and delicious meal to a packed house on Friday at Art on the Green.

The event was part of the gallery's CityTalks series.

"Homes should be enjoyed," Andersen said when discussing parents fretting over playpens and blankets strewn about in their homes. "Don't hide it, enjoy it."

Enjoying fellowship with family and friends became an unofficial theme during the talk as both men shared how important their faith has been to them throughout their illustrious careers.

Bingham said he is often asked "Who cooks anymore?" He said people have told him with today's conveniences and hectic schedules, it makes more sense to buy prepared food.

"Trust me, it's worth the effort," Bingham said, though noted that he loves to take his grandchildren on a tour of guilty-pleasure food at local eateries.

Highlighting the ease with which one can make a special dish, event organizers prepared two treats — a cheese ball and sugar plums — for the reception afterward. Guests also received recipes for both.

"It took them longer to buy the ingredients from the store than it did to make them," Bingham said.

Andersen said families should have fun decorating their homes and choose items that they truly enjoy.

"I think you should have fun with color," he said.

When he's had clients who were skittish about bold colors, Andersen said, he always offers to pay to repaint if they don't like it.

"I haven't had to once," he said.

The gallery's next CityTalks will be from 5:30-6:30 p.m. July 26 at 1100 Bob Courtway Drive, Suite One.

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