From Conway Police Department reports

Officer finds Hello Kitty pills hidden in truck

A 29-year-old Conway man was arrested early Friday morning after authorities reportedly found Hello Kitty shaped ecstasy pills in his vehicle.

A Conway officer was patrolling Robins Street and Donaghey Avenue shortly before 5 a.m. when she noticed the driver in front of her "exhibited nervous behavior," noting in an incident report that the suspect "repeatedly look[ed] in the rear view mirror once [she] got behind him."

After running the tags on the GMC Sierra truck in front on her, the officer learned the tags on the vehicle were registered to a white Nissan Maxima and initiated a traffic stop. The driver, identified as 29-year-old Khiry Smith, told the officer he recently purchased the truck from his brother and had not yet registered it. The officer learned Khiry had an active warrant out of another county but did not arrest him because he did not have a pick up order.

"I placed cuffs on Khiry and advised him of the warrant," the incident report reads in part. "Khiry got upset and said that it was taken care of. Dispatch advised that they would not pick up on the warrant. As I took him out of cuffs, I asked him if he cared if I searched the truck. Khiry said 'no.' For clarification, I asked him again as I did not know if he was saying he did not care or no I could not search the truck. Khiry said, 'Girl, search the truck.'"

During the search, the officer found two Hello Kitty head-shaped pills behind a pack of cigarettes. Another officer was called to the scene so that the pills could be tested. Following the field test, the pills showed a positive match for ecstasy.

According to the incident report, Khiry claimed the pills

were not his and became upset after learning he would be charged with possession of a controlled substance. Authorities allowed the suspect's mother to take his vehicle from the scene as he was taken to the county jail.

CHDC supervisor accused of harassment, fondling employees

A Conway Human Development Center supervisor is accused of harassing and inappropriately touching employees.

A 53-year-old CHDC employee filed a complaint Friday morning at the Conway Police Department, accusing James Garris of repeatedly harassing her.

The woman told police she began working at the center in 2013 and that Garris "has repeatedly looked down her shirt, hugged her from the side and grazed her breasts and other unwanted physical contact."

In her statement, she described an incident where she was called into Garris' office and he grabbed her hand "and placed it on his erect penis, stating something along the lines of, 'Look what you do to me.'"

While he was fully clothed at the time this incident allegedly took place, the 53-year-old woman said it was still unwanted, along with other incidents such as him sticking his hands in her shirt and describing her breasts as "voluptuous and soft."

The woman said she recently spoke with another supervisor at the center regarding her complaints about Garris' behavior and was told none of the incidents had been documented. The supervisor has since talked with the center's superintendent, Sarah Murphy, and said "she'll take any punishment given to her for not documenting these incidents."

The alleged victim told authorities she does not think she's the only victim in this case.