Seventy-six people donated blood during a two-day blood drive at Conway Regional Medical Center. The goal had been to receive blood from 75 donors.

The hospital partnered with the Arkansas Blood Institute for the event Monday and Tuesday.

“On behalf of the Arkansas Blood Institute I would like to sincerely thank you for [partnering] with us to host another blood drive,” Britteni Williams, from ABI said in an email to the hospital. “Whenever our patients need you we can always depend on your hospital to deliver.”

She said that ABI is appreciative of how the partnership with the local hospital has grown and evolved through the years.

“You all are definitely contributing and doing your part to support your local hospitals in our time of need,” Williams said.

Through the donations of those 76 individuals, she said, 231 potential lives were impacted.

The Log Cabin Democrat reached out and asked Williams about the importance of donating blood.

She said a lot of people don’t realize the need; that whether it’s a major or minor injury, blood is still needed and it’s important to come out and help replenish that supply.

Williams said one donation, or unit of flood, can save up to three lives.

She said they take it and separate it into three parts — red blood cells, plasma and platelets — and then distribute that.

“It’s really, really important and critical for people to come out and donate,” Williams said.

Future Blood Drive Dates: September 24 and 25, December 11 and 12 and March 25 and 26, 2019.