From Conway Police Department reports

Woman reports slashed tire

An 81-year-old Center Street resident reported on Friday that one of her tires were slashed.

The woman said she believes someone slashed one of the tires on her 2014 Buick Verano sometime between 8 p.m. Thursday and 2 p.m. Friday. In her statement, she said the vehicle was parked in her driveway and that she noticed one of her tires were flat when she went to leave for work Friday afternoon.

While getting a new tire at a car dealership, employees told her "it appeared that the tire had been cut with a sharp object."

CPD responds to suspicions call for service

Authorities searched an empty house after receiving a suspicious 911 call Friday evening.

Police were called out shortly after 5 p.m. Friday to a residence on Piedmont Drive regarding "an unknown problem," according to an incident report.

"Dispatch advised [officers] the caller seemed short of breath, gave them his address and hung up," the incident report reads in part noting dispatchers "called the number back several times to no avail."

Responding officers knocked on the door; however, according to the report, no one answered. After also knocking on the back door and looking through the windows and still not being able to locate anyone at the house, authorities called the fire department for assistance in gaining access into the home.

"Due to the nature of the call, the caller sounding in distress and the fact that we did not get a response from the occupants nor the caller, we decided that with the approval [of the sergeant on duty], we would have Conway Fire Department assist us in making entry," the report states.

After prying open the back door, authorities tried to locate the caller inside but found no one. While searching the home, police found a broken picture frame in the floor as well as a phone that was lit up.

"The phone displayed a person texting the phone asking, 'what happened to my brother,'" according to the report.

The responding officers left a call card with a report number regarding the incident at the home and checked to see if the caller had checked into a local hospital but was not successful, according to the incident report.

Man runs out of gas arrested on suspicion of meth possession, active warrant

A 40-year-old Conway man was arrested after police reportedly found several syringes in his vehicle after a Hairston Avenue resident said the suspect was wandering around their neighbor's residence.

A resident on Hairston Avenue called the police department shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday after noticing a "suspicious  person parked in a neighbor's yard wandering around," according to an incident report. The complainant told authorities their neighbor was not home and that the suspect "did not belong there."

The suspect, identified as Steven Hall, told police he'd run out of gas so he "coasted his truck into the side yard" of the Hairston Avenue residence. According to the report, Hall "would not stop moving around" as the responding officer spoke with him.

Because of the man's behavior, the officer had dispatcher's run Hall's name and learned the man had an active warrant out of the Arkansas Parole Board.

While searching Hall, the officer found a bag of suspected methamphetamine in his pocket. After finding the suspected meth, the officer asked to search the truck Hall was driving. Hall said he would not allow the officer to search the vehicle, noting his dog was inside the truck and it was not his vehicle. However, the officer learned Hall had recently purchased the vehicle from Car-Mart and that Hall also had an active search waiver on file, giving authorities the right to search the vehicle.

"During the search of the vehicle, I located an open syringe that I was stuck by when I reached underneath the front passenger seat," the responding officer wrote in his report, noting he found several other syringes and another bag of suspected meth inside the truck.

When asked about the syringes, Hall told police "some were used for diabetes and some were used for methamphetamine."

Hall was arrested onsite and taken to the county jail. His truck was towed and his dog was taken to the Animal Welfare Unit.