A portable battery charger left inside a Conway man’s hot car caught fire and caused extensive damage to the vehicle.

Jamie Gates, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, said that when he left the office Wednesday evening, he discovered the interior of his car had caught fire.

Gates said he didn’t immediately recognize his car because the windows were nearly black from the smoke and soot.

When he opened the car door, he said he was “greeted with a small of smoke” so he quickly shut the door.

The blaze had already gone out by that time but left the interior charred especially in the area near the charger, which was turned off and unplugged.

Gates said it was “pretty obvious” that was where the fire originated because it clearly had burned the hottest and longest in that spot.

Gates sent a tweet to the Brookstone, the company that carries the 6000 mAh slim battery, who told him to contact the claims department. As of press time Monday, no product recall was issued.

Conway Fire Department Chief Mike Winter told the Log Cabin Democrat that while not unheard of, chargers left inside vehicles catching fire are not common.

However, Gates said he wanted to make people of aware of what happened to him because it wasn’t an abnormally hot day or “any sort of extreme environment.”

Nobody was injured in the fire.