The Conway Dog Park is located behind the ball fields near Don Owen Sports Complex off Lower Ridge Road.

While most in the area know where it's located, if someone has never been it can be hard to figure out exactly where to go.

That is why the dog park committee decided that more signage was needed for people to be able to more easily find the area.

Shirley Jarman said the idea to bring the dog park to Conway originated through a couple of committee members who heard about a contest and through the city, were able to enter and win second place.

She said they received $25,000 from the contest, which the city matched. When the park opened May 2015, Jarman said, the committee had a fundraiser that pulled in some additional funds.

Three years later, she said, they had about $2,500 left from the funds and decided it to put some of that toward park awareness.

Jarman worked with Jo Claire Dodson, owner of downtown Conway’s The Art School, to find someone who’d be interested in helping. They ended up reaching out to one of Dodson's students, Conway High School junior Adrean Sanchez.

While the committee bought the supplies, Sanchez spent two days painting 128 paws on the roads leading up to the dog park to lead visitors in the right direction.

On one road, the paws are closer together to depict a dog running and on the other, the paws are spaced out to simulate a dog walking, Sanchez said.

“Since there’s not a lot of signage, we thought the paws would be a good way to show people where the park was,” Jarman said.

She said it turned out to be a fun thing for the area.

“It’s cute and it’s noticeable,” Jarman said. “[Sanchez] seemed to be excited to help. I think he did a great job. I just thought they looked really good.”

Sanchez painted the paws using a stencil; it took him around 13 hours spread out over two days.

“Whenever I do things art related, I just like to do it all at once,” he said. “I get in the zone.”

Even though he was focused on getting the work done, there were a few things around him that tore his focus away, Sanchez said, including two trucks that ran over the orange cones he had set up around the area.

“It brought some interesting events,” he said, laughing.

Sanchez said that while he was out painting, several people stopped to ask what he was doing.

Overall, he said, people had a positive response and said it was a good idea because the area can be difficult to spot.

“They just really liked it,” Sanchez said.

This is the 17 year old's first art project for the community.

“I really liked getting to contribute to Conway, beautifying the environment through art, even though it was dog paws, but I still enjoyed being able to contribute to Conway,” Sanchez said.

To check out more of the local’s art, go on Instagram and search his handle @adrean.bowl.

Jarman said the committee still has a little bit of money left and if anyone has any suggestions, they can send it to the Faulkner County Humane Society, attention dog park at P.O. Box 1055.