The Mt. Vernon-Enola Robotics Team is hosting a fundraiser from 6-10 p.m. June 15 at Bob’s Grill in Conway.

This was the team’s first year at the school and first year to compete.

“Due to the success of our first season, our team has grown from [eight] members to nearly 30 members,” teacher Catherine Holland, said. “However, we need funds to keep it going.”

The fundraiser will help pay for robotics parts, tools and registration fees and room and board if they have to travel, she said, which all costs a lot of money.

“We are a small, rural school and need all the help we can get,” Holland said.

Maddock Davis is an eighth grader on the team and was the human player, builder and coder this past year.

His dad, Kenneth Davis, said they reached out to Congressman French Hill to see if he’d be able to attend the fundraiser to talk with the young team and show his support and his office confirmed that he would be at the event, something they all look forward to.

“The students I have spoken with are really excited and appreciative of Congressman Hill making time out of his busy schedule to visit and support them and look forward to meeting him,” Davis said.

Holland said they want to thank Bob’s Grill for being generous with its support.

For anyone who would like to sponsor the group can contact Holland at 501-849-2221 or