Thank you to all of those in attendance at Art on the Green’s latest City Talks with Georg Andersen and Don Bingham. It was a success with standing room only-- sorry about that! We know that many of you were encouraged by the stories shared and the uplifting words that were spoken by both of these men. Their words spoke of the lives they have lived and the ones they endeavor to live, motivated by their faith both professionally and personally. What a great change of pace: Listening to two great orators paint the picture of their lives with the spoken word!

Did you miss this City Talks or other conversations? These conversations will be available for your listening pleasure on Art on the Green’s Youtube channel, and will soon be up on our website: They will also be available on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to catch the next City Talks with Sonja Keith and Donna Spears on July 26th, 5:30pm-6:30pm. Call 501-205-1922 to RSVP.

Any writers out there? Art on the Green recently had the opportunity to present at StoneBridge of Conway. After the presentation, we had the pleasure of sharing stories and answering many questions with the residents. Most questions revolved around art, but many, more importantly about life and acquaintances. One such gentleman, John O. King told of how, as he sees his, as he says it, “maturing” body age his mind is as active as ever!! He, then and there, recited a self written poem titled “A House by the Ocean.” He shared many, many other poems with us! They are beautifully crafted and just like a visual painting, paint a colorful picture of his loves, dreams, life, prayers and the everyday!

There are many mediums for an artist to dabble in, but the written and spoken medium can be some of the most touching and eloquent to behold.

“A House by the Ocean”
by John O. King

I once had a house by the ocean, I once had a home by the sea.
The little house by the ocean Was a heaven for my family.
I left for the bright lights of the city. Then I tasted the fruits of the plain.
I’ve climbed many a high mountains, But now I want to go back again.
I miss the fog in the morning, as the tide comes rolling in.
I miss the sight of the birds, as they float along in the wind.
I miss the smell from the kitchen, where Baby is making a stew,
Gleaned from the fruit of the ocean, as only Baby can do.
So I will go back to the ocean. Yes, I will go back to the sea.
There we will live forever, My sweet Baby and me.

Isn’t his work wonderful? We think so.

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