From Conway Police Department reports

Manager suspected of stealing from business

An employee at Angela's Fragrance & Apparels is suspected of stealing money and clothing from the business.

According to an incident report, owner Angela Duncan filed a theft report at the Conway Police Department, stating she believes one of her employees took $500 worth of clothing and $800 in cash between June 7 and 12.

Duncan told authorities she suspects a 22-year-old woman who has been the manager at her store for about three months, noting the woman is "the sole suspect."

Because the suspect, Kelli McDole, is a manager at the store, she has keys to the building along with the codes to the building's alarm systems.

Duncan told police she was unsure as to the exact times the crimes occurred, but that she knew the thefts took place between June 7 and 12 and that the store's records "would hopefully be available within the next few days to further support her claims."

Nursing home employee reportedly takes resident's shoes

A Salem Place Nursing Home and Rehab Center employee was fired after reportedly stealing one of the resident's shoes.

An administrator at the center called Conway police Tuesday afternoon to notify authorities of the alleged theft, according to an incident report.

The woman told police that an employee, 42-year-old Christy Rankin "was seen leaving the building wearing a resident's shoes" on Monday.

After confronting Rankin about taking a 92-year-old resident's shoes, Rankin reportedly "admitted to having the shoes and advised she was going to return the shoes" on Tuesday. However, according to the complainant's statement, Rankin did not return the shoes and has since been fired from the center.

Senior women taken to county jail following Tuesday crash

A 70-year-old Conway woman was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Tuesday afternoon after she reportedly crashed into a mailbox.

Police were called out to a single-vehicle crash on South Hampton Drive after learning "an intoxicated female hit a mailbox and knocked the tire off her car" near the intersection of College Avenue shortly after 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

A group of men where replacing the front damaged tire with a spare as the responding officer arrived on scene, according to an incident report. The responding officer reportedly asked the woman sitting in the front passenger seat what had happened and was directed to instead talk to the other 70-year-old woman who was sitting in a lawn chair on the south end of the Ford Escape.

The woman sitting in the lawn chair, identified as Charlotte Taylor, told the officer she was driving back home to the Brookdale Senior Living Center on Hogan Lane, noting she had just left Mike's Place. After noting the woman smelled of intoxicants as she spoke with him, the responding officer questioned Taylor as to whether she'd drank any alcohol that day. According to the incident report, the woman said she "had one cocktail" around noon but denied hitting a mail box, stating "she had just hit a curb."

"I asked Mrs. Taylor to stand up and walk over towards my patrol unit and a bystander had to help me assist her up," the incident report reads in part. "Mrs. Taylor was very unsteady on her feet and to prevent her from falling, I had to hold onto her arm while walking towards my patrol unit."

According to the incident report, the officer did not have the woman participate in any field sobriety tests on scene "for safety reasons" and had her take a breathalyzer test, which showed she had a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.19. The officer informed the woman she would be arrested on suspicion of DWI and asked the passenger, 70-year-old Joann Macintyre, if she'd been drinking or if she could drive the car back home.

The woman said she had not been drinking. However, a breathalyzer test showed her BAC was 0.14.

"To verify that Mrs. Macintyre had not consumed any alcohol today before letting her take possession of the Ford, I administer[ed] a preliminary breath test (PBT) to her," the officer wrote in his report. "Mrs. Macintyre['s] breath test showed a result of .14. I asked Mrs. Macintyre why she had lied to me and she said she had not. I showed her the PBT results and she said she wasn't driving."

Authorities initially told Macintyre they would give her a ride back to the Brookdale center. However, she was then charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after leaving the patrol unit and trying to get back in the Ford Escape and slamming her hands down onto one of the officer's patrol units and yelling about the incident.