From Conway Police Department reports

Woman banned from apartment complex

A 36-year-old woman was banned from the Woodland Oaks Apartments on Friday after reportedly screaming and acting belligerent toward the apartment complex's staff.

Authorities were called out to the apartment complex on Middle Road shortly before 6 p.m. after Conway's dispatch center received a complaint regarding "an intoxicated person causing a disturbance on the property."

The apartment manager told the responding officer that a woman who was recently evicted from her apartment was "screaming and cursing at the complex staff" at the front office, according to an incident report. As the officer spoke with the property manager, the woman in question butted in and began speaking over the manager.

"[Adena Bradford] began trying to talk over the manager and arguing that the information she was giving me was not accurate," the officer wrote in his report.

The officer learned Bradford had recently been evicted from her residence at Woodland Oaks Apartments and was upset when she learned her husband and his new lover had paid the lease up to date and taken over her former lease.

"Basically, the management told me that Bradford was in the process of being evicted and had turned in her keys," the incident report reads. "Bradford had moved out and was not living at a different location. Bradford's husband, who currently has a new girlfriend, came to the management office and asked if he could pay the rent current and move in with his girlfriend. The management agreed and the lease was brought up to date. the issue was Bradford was still on the lease and refusing to be civil."

The officer noted in his report that Bradford became increasingly more belligerent the longer he talked with the apartment's staff about the issue. The property manager ultimately requested Bradford be banned from the apartment complex and a neighbor drove the woman and her children back to her new residence.

Officer responds to shoplifting incident

A Sherwood teen was jailed after allegedly trying to steal $145 worth of merchandise from Walmart.

Police were called out around 9 p.m. to the Walmart on Skyline Drive after the suspect, 19-year-old Sierra Thompson, reportedly hid several items in a stroller before attempting to leave the store.

"Sierra was attempting to flee through the general merchandise exit while pushing a stroller [that] had her infant daughter [in it]," the incident report reads in part. "Sierra was concerned for her daughter in which I assured her we would allow someone to pick up the infant."

After running the total amount of items Thompson reportedly concealed, officers learned she had $145 worth of merchandise hidden throughout the stroller and diaper bag.

The responding officer waited for the woman's boyfriend to arrive on scene to pick up their infant daughter and the items that were legally purchased before taking Thompson to the county jail.

Angry landscapers set dumpster on fire

Local landscaping employees are suspected of setting fire to a dumpster at the Road Runner gas station on Skyline Drive.

An assistant manager at the business called authorities around 10 p.m. Friday stating "some disgruntled customers set the large dumpster on the south west side of the parking lot on fire."

The woman told police the suspects set fire to the dumpster around 7:30 p.m. and that the fire department had previously responded to the scene, noting the Conway Fire Department also conducted an arson investigation.

In her statement, the 33-year-old woman told authorities the suspects "were being rude and insulting her employees" before dumping grass clippings into the dumpster and setting it on fire. The woman described the suspect vehicle as a "white truck that had Cutler on the side, [and was] pulling [two] zero turn mowers and other lawn care equipment on it."

The woman also provided police with security footage of the incident that shows the suspects setting fire to the dumpster.