From Conway Police Department reports

Conway man jailed on suspicion of public intox

A 58-year-old man was jailed Friday after repeatedly asking a Conway officer to take him to pick up food and also attempting to get inside the officer's patrol unit.

The officer said he noticed the man in question as he was patrolling Caldwell Street around 9 p.m., noting the suspect, Larry Carmichael, was standing on the side of the road and waving his arms. As the officer pulled up to the man to make sure he was OK, the suspect reportedly began pulling on the officer's passenger door.

"I rolled down my window and asked him not to do that and [also asked] what was going on," the incident report reads in part. "Carmichael asked if I would give him a ride up the road to get some food. I noticed that his speech was slurred. I advised Carmichael that I could not just give him a ride up the road and needed to speak with him first. Carmichael continued to pull on my door handle, which was locked."

As he got out of his patrol unit and walked up to Carmichael to speak with him about what was going on, the officer said he could immediately noticed "a slight odor of intoxicants coming from Carmichael" and that the suspect had also defecated on himself.

"I asked Carmichael if he had had any alcohol to drink or if he had taken any drugs and he continued to ask to be taken up the road," the officer wrote in his report, adding that at this point, the suspect attempted to walk up to another vehicle that had pulled up to the officer's patrol unit. "Carmichael told me he was going to ask the person for a ride and I told him not to bother them and to speak to me."

After another officer arrived on scene, paramedics were called to the scene to make sure the suspect was OK. Before the ambulance arrived, the 58-year-old man tried to walk away from authorities several times, despite multiple commands to stop from the officers on scene. Eventually, the officers decided to cuff and detain Carmichael. However, he resisted allowing them to cuff him and was injured as officers fought to get the handcuffs on him.

According to the incident report, the suspect fell face first onto the ground and had a few abrasions on his face following the incident. Carmichael was ultimately taken to Baptist Health Medical Center to be medically cleared but refused to cooperate with hospital staff or answer any questions.

"I am not sure if Carmichael's lack of cooperation was because he was trying to be uncooperative or if he was unable to cooperate due to his intoxication," the officer wrote in his report.

Carmichael was ultimately cited with public intoxication and charged with resisting arrest after being cleared by medical staff and was taken to the county jail.

Woman accuses delivery driver of attacking her

A 23-year-old woman called police around midnight Saturday claiming she was attacked by a pizza delivery driver.

The woman said she was inside her South Donaghey Apartments residence when she heard loud music coming from a vehicle that was parked in front of her neighbor's residence.

In her statement, she said she went to her neighbor's apartment to ask about the vehicle and see if the owner would turn down the music. After learning the vehicle belonged to a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver, she and the delivery driver began arguing over the volume of his music.

The woman said that at one point during the argument, the delivery driver "grabbed her and pushed her had into the neighbor's vehicle."

Authorities went to question the alleged suspect about the incident and he claimed the complainant had attacked him.

He told police the woman confronted him about his music and that after an argument ensued, she began chocking and punching him. The responding officer noted in his report that the delivery driver had visible injuries and the complainant did not.

The responding officer also said that when he asked the complainant if she had the delivery driver's hat, she began stating that the man stole her lighter.

"While politely asking her if she had the hat [and that] I could give it back to [the driver], she stated, 'Well, he took my lighter, what are you going to do about that,'" the report states.