From Conway Police Department reports

Woman reportedly threatens Conway man over $200

A 22-year-old man called police early Saturday morning after a woman he met on a dating website began threatening to send a sexually explicit video of him to his friend's and family members.

The responding officer met up with the victim shortly after 2:30 a.m. at a residence on Western Avenue to get the man's statement regarding his claims against the woman he'd met online, according to an incident report.

The man told police that he'd met the woman online and that woman who he believes is from California began harassing him to give her $200. According to his statement, the two began talking around 8 p.m. Friday, from there the video chatted over Skype and "things became sexually explicit." The woman, who he knew as Hazell Brown, "wanted [him] to perform inappropriate acts while Skyping" but did not tell him she was recording him.

After the video chat ended, the 22-year-old told police Brown began "demanding $200 or she would send the video to all his friends and family."

The victim's mother told police she had received a message via Facebook from the woman in question but said she did not open it, "fearing that it was possibly the video." The man told police his sister had also received a message from Brown.

Authorities advised the 22-year-old man to call the police department if he was able to supply any supplemental information regarding the case.

Speeding driver fails to stop for officer

A 28-year-old man received several traffic citations after reportedly speeding along Irby Drive late Saturday.

An officer said he noticed a GMC Terrain "dr4iving fast through [a] residential neighborhood," noting the suspect vehicle "did not slow down going through the intersection of Amelia and Irby drives.

The officer said at this point, he caught up to the vehicle, which was driving 50 mph int a 30 mph zone. Once the two were approaching Country Club Road, the officer turned his blue lights on to signal a traffic stop, according to an incident report. The officer said the GMC slowed down, but continued driving, eventually turning into The Links Apartments. However, the suspect still did not stop, so the officer turned on his siren in an effort to get the suspect to stop.

"The GMC Terrain continued driving [and] instead of stopping, it turned into the entrance for Links phase 2," the officer wrote in his report. "The GMC continued driving twoard the apartments. I turned my siren on, and observed the break lights come on again as the vehicle slowed sown. I turned off my sirens, but the vehicle continued driving, and it appeared that the driver stuck his hand out the window and waved. I initiated my sirens again, and told the driver, Scott Banks, to stop the vehicle over the PA."

The officer asked Banks if he'd been drinking "due to his inability to control his vehicle on the roadway" and asked the suspect to perform a few field sobriety tests after Banks "stated he had one beer 45 minutes ago."

Banks said he would not participate in any field sobriety tests but agreed to take a breathalyzer test. The officer said he would be conducting field tests and that if Banks passed, he would be allowed to drive home.

Following the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, Banks did not show to be under the influence and was ultimately cited for reportedly failing to stop at a stop sign, speeding and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.