Lockers have come a long way. Back in my day, we would wrap our textbooks in brown paper from grocery store bags and decorate the paper with markers. Times have certainly changed. My daughter will be decorating her locker with rugs and chandeliers. Yep. I’m serious. My husband had the same look on his face that you probably have on yours now if you’re not already familiar with this completely ridiculous, yet exceedingly fun, over-the-top practice.

I first noticed this phenomenon a few years ago when friends posted pictures of their daughters’ lockers on social media. They were so cute! And elaborate! So I googled, discovered it’s a thing, and have been patiently waiting for my Annabel to start middle school so we could decorate her locker.

However, if you purchase everything you see in these lockers, you will spend between $80-120...per locker. I did not want to spend that much decorating a locker, but I still wanted it to be cute! So get some middle school friends together, share some supplies, and DIY some locker decor!


DIY Locker Wallpaper

I think the most impactful thing you can do to a locker is add wallpaper. It’s the easiest way to add color and pattern. There are three types of locker wallpaper that I found available for purchase:  1) thick paper held on with magnets and 2)magnetic wallpaper sheets and 3) vinyl with self-adhesive backing. Here’s what I used for my version:


• Fabric

OR Thick Wrapping Paper

OR Chalkboard Contact Paper (adhere with magnets) and Chalk Markers

OR a mixture of all three

• Magnets

• Scissors

• Tape Measure

I used a mixture of wrapping paper, fabric and chalkboard contact paper to create these fun lockers. Simply cut to size and use magnets (see pom pom magnets below) to place in your locker. If you’re in Conway middle schools, you must use magnets to put up your wallpaper, tape of any kind is not allowed.

Note: The lockers in Conway middle schools have a curve in the door, which makes it a little difficult. It was hard to get the chalkboard contact paper and the wrapping paper neatly on the door. I’m going to try to convince Annabel to use fabric on the door, but she was pretty smitten with the chalkboard paper, so we’ll see.

Locker wallpaper ranges from $15 for paper wallpaper and around $45 for magnetic. You can get enough fabric for around $5. The chalkboard contact paper and wrapping paper is a little more. 

A huge benefit to using fabric is that there are so many more options, and you can mix patterns. If you buy locker wallpaper, it’s usually one pattern.


DIY Locker Chandelier


• Magnetic Motion Sensor Lights

• Fishing Line

• Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue

• Light Sparkly Sequins/Glitter Foam Self-Adhesive Stickers

• Ribbon or Sequin Trim

1. Cut six pieces of fishing line, approximately 8 inches each. This does not have to be exact.

2. Use foam stickers on the bottom of the fishing line. (This is so they will hang straight down.)

3. Use more foam stickers OR use knots to tie sequins on the fishing line.

4. Do this to all six pieces of fishing line.

5. Glue the top of the six pieces of fishing line onto the motion sensor light. (careful not to glue it shut, you still need to be able to change the batteries) Cut off excess fishing line.

6. Wrap ribbon or beaded trim around the light to cover the hot glue that you used to glue the fishing line on. (again, careful not to glue the light completely shut)

These chandeliers are really neat because they go on every time the locker is opened because they have motion sensors. Most that you buy in the store have an on/off switch. If you purchase a chandelier, they’re around $20. If you split these supplies between three friends, it’s about $8 each. Links to the lights I used are on my blog.


DIY Locker Rugs


• Fur Fabric

• Scissors

• Tape Measure

• Anti-slip rug pad (optional)

1. Measure the bottom of the locker.

2. Cut fabric a little smaller than locker floor.

3. I’m going to hot glue a non-slip rug pad to put under the fabric, so the rugs will be less likely to bunch up when putting books in. (optional)

Locker rugs sell between $10-15. I made six rugs with about $12 worth of fabric.


DIY Locker Frames


• $1 frames from the dollar store

• Spray paint

• Magnets

• Hot glue gun/glue stick

1. Remove frame backing and glass

2. Throw the glass away

3. Go outside and spray paint the frames. (I used gold and pink)

4. Take off the stand on the back of the frame (I just ripped it off)

5. Glue magnets onto the four corners of the frame backing

6. Insert picture and the newly magnetized frame backing.

I had spray paint on hand and I bought the magnets in bulk to use on all of these projects, so these frames were about $1.40 each


DIY Locker Mirrors


• Craft mirror (any shape)

• Magnets

• Hot glue gun/glue stick

• Pom pom balls (optional)

1. Hot glue four magnets on back of craft mirror.

2. Hot glue pom pom balls around the edge of mirror (optional)

Total cost of mirrors $2-4.


DIY Locker Pencil Holders


• Cheap plastic, magnetic pencil holders from local discount store

• Spray paint

These pencil holders were white plastic and little sad. I sprayed one with gold spray paint and the other with pink spray paint to make them a little more exciting.

Total cost of $1.64


DIY Flower Locker Magnets


• Bouquet of artificial flowers (I found some half off at a local craft store)

• Magnets

• Hot glue/glue stick

• Wire cutters

1. Remove the plastic stem from the flower. You will need to remove all of the plastic from the flower or the hot glue will not hold.

2. Glue the flower to the magnet.

Cost-Around $5 for several, 6-10 magnets.

These are great projects to share supplies with a friend to cut down on cost. We had a chandelier-marking party at my house with some girls and it was fun watching their creative minds work. Enjoy your crafting time together. And remember, gold spray paint goes with anything!

More photos and links to some of these supplies can be found on my blog,