Baton Twirling is beautiful movement, coordination, strength, control, timing, poise, confidence, expression and communication with an audience. Twirling combines technical baton movements and tricks with many forms of dance and gymnastics for a most entertaining performance skill. From novice through elite competitive and collegiate levels, twirling provides many benefits such as fitness, confidence, outstanding carriage and posture, ability to perform for the public, self presentation and interview skills, opportunities for travel, college scholarships, music appreciation and interpretation and the joy of entertaining and becoming a leader. 

Competition twirling is available to those students who want the thrill and challenge of testing their skills and reaching the height of their abilities. This venue is great training for those hoping to obtain a college scholarship for baton twirling. Interview is a part of competitive twirling because we want our representatives to be well spoken in public and desire that they are able to present themselves in a confident, relaxed and informative manner. Many will have the opportunity to do tv or news interviews, etc.

School twirling with a marching band is available and allows students to be part of an organization at school. The friendships and bonds formed are strong and lasting.

Show twirling is open to any twirler and allows students to take part in community activities and share their time and talents with organizations and clubs and become better performers through these experiences.

Dance technique for baton twirlers is offered and encouraged for all twirlers wanting to grow and excel. When you watch a beautiful baton twirling performance, you quickly become aware that the twirler is also a trained dancer. Correct technique and body awareness as well as control are required when creating the entire package.  Our classes are geared specifically to this need along with stretching and conditioning and floor work gymnastics to be included in twirling routines. This training puts students ahead in any setting.

Classes are geared toward all levels-novice through elite. Everyone is important and all goals are respected. Some want to twirl for recreation, fitness and fun. Others want to reach a higher level such as featured twirler, scholarship possibilities, state, regional, national and world championships. College scholarships are also given at our national competitions each year.

Most employers love to interview baton twirlers because of their work ethic, time management abilities, confidence and presentation skills!