Y’all … it’s HOT. 

I have a love-hate relationship with summer. It’s true. 

Visiting my grandparents and cousins in Star City usually was a nightmare of heat and ticks and dirt roads, but the payoff was worth it.

Four-wheelers, Tasty Freeze, wiener roasts, mud pies, fireworks, American flags, vacation bible school, campouts on the front lawn and all-night giggles were totally worth every mouthful of dust kicked up from a rickety pickup.

Growing up in the Hill Country of Texas, we lived on a lake. So hot Texas summers were spent water skiing, swimming and timing running jumps from the back dock. 

Outdoor concerts were amazing in Austin. Being under the stars on a big blanket with your best friends, listening to my favorites like Bob Dylan and REM live … These are some of my incredible memories as a teenager. 

Summer camps, baseball, swimming, fishing and a good boat ride all make the list.

But none of that was enjoyed without the threat of second-degree sunburns, sweating through your clothes when you’re trying to look cute, and stepping out of the shower and never being able to dry off. Forget makeup all together. 

As an adult, summers mean travel and spending time with family. It seems like every weekend there’s a cookout or get together. My little family takes a float trip to the Buffalo or Spring rivers annually. Sneaking away early on a Friday is not uncommon, either.

On the flip side? Both my children were born in early fall, so that means I was seven to eight months pregnant in the stickiest part of the summer. Thank goodness for maternity maxi dresses — amiright?!?! 

For me, summer is a memory-making opportunity. Sunshine and fun are always possible and heat stroke and sweating in places you were not aware of before are probable.

And then, there are the festivals and fruit and apple pies and ice cream!

Homemade ice cream at a church social, an impulse to swing through McDonald’s for a $1 cone, adding gummy bears and chocolate chips to a Marble Slab favorite flavor all have been part of the summertime memory-making business in my family. 

Those institutions of ice cream treats like a half-price Sonic shake have a stake in my memories, too. 

July is National Ice Cream Month, and this issue of WINC. Magazine honors that childhood spirit of a cold treat on a hot day. And Conway is booming with new options try!

Also this month, we take a look at preparation for outfitting middle schoolers with locker decor that will aid individuality and something to look forward to between classes. 

Our Majestic Mama, with the help of several local businesses and donations by readers and WINC. Magazine, was able to turn a drab dorm room into a dream space for a deserving young woman. Her story is one that will get you thinking about how to send that freshman off to school in style!

So for all of the things that summer is — the good, the bad and the sweaty — WINC. Magazine hopes you’ll all make some memories to look back on!