From Conway Police Department reports

Harassment incident leads to crash

A Conway woman said a weekend crash she was involved was caused because a Little Rock woman was harassing her.

Authorities were dispatched to an crash along Irby Drive near Ashley Drive around 11 p.m. Saturday. According to an incident report, one of the women involved in the crash said the crash occurred as she was attempting to get a photo of the other woman.

As she spoke to the responding officer, she said the woman in the other vehicle is her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who has been harassing her via Facebook. The other woman, 26-year-old Jasmine Jones, had reportedly been sending her messages on fake Facebook accounts.

"[The victim] stated as soon as she would delete the messages [from one account], Jones would open a new account and post something new," the incident report reads in part.

Around 11 p.m. Saturday, the woman said she saw a light outside her apartment, and after further investigation, learned the light was coming from Jones's vehicle, which was parked outside her apartment, noting Jones lives in Little Rock "and there should be no reason for her to drive to Conway."

At this point, the 25-year-old woman got into her vehicle to follow Jones in order to get a picture of her.

"In the course of getting the picture, Jones's vehicle struck [the victim's] vehicle," according to the 25-year-old's statement.

CHDC employee suspended

A Conway Human Development Center employee was suspended last weekend for not keeping a close enough eye on a resident left in her care.

The 25-year-old woman, Amber Vandivor, was assigned as a residential caretaker for a 36-year-old CHDC resident when she was "playing on her phone when it was discovered by a nurse that her patient ... had dislodged his trachea tube."

According to the incident report, the resident is OK and the tube was immediately replaced upon this finding. Vandivor "has been placed on a temporary suspension until further [investigation]," according to the report.

Police find meth stashed in Bible

A 55-year-old parolee was arrested Sunday after authorities found suspected methamphetamine hidden in a Bible in his motel room.

Officers were patrolling near the Skyline Inn when the say William Valenceano-Alvarez, who one of the officers recognized from prior dealings and knew the man "was involved in drug activity and was on parole with an active search waiver on file."

After verifying the man in the room was Valenceano-Alvarez, the two officers went up to room 228 to speak with the 55-year-old suspect. As the walked up to the second floor, "the door was open and ... William [was] sitting in a chair behind a table," according to an incident report.

The officers asked to come inside the room and speak with the 55-year-old, and Valenceano-Alvarez consented to allowing the two officers inside his room. While speaking with Valenceano-Alvarez, one of the officers noticed there was the corner piece of a plastic baggie sticking out of a Bible near Valenceano-Alvarez. After noticing the suspicious piece of plastic on top of Valenceano-Alvarez seeming nervous as he spoke with police, the officers reportedly asked for consent to search his room. According to the report, the 55-year-old consented to the request.

While searching the motel room, police found a syringe in the bathroom and suspected methamphetamine in the Bible.

"When I opened the Bible, the plastic bag I found contained a crystal like substance that appeared to be methamphetamine," one of the officers wrote in his report. "The crystal like substance was tested by using a methamphetamine field test kit ... [and it] yielded a positive result for methamphetamine."

Valenceano-Alvarez was ultimately charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of drug paraphernalia before being taken to the county jail Sunday morning.