From Conway Police Department reports

Local man suspected of having drug paraphernalia

A Conway man was searched and charged with possession of a controlled substance after officers conducting surveillance of a local motel reportedly saw the man smoking marijuana.

CPD investigators were conducting surveillance late Tuesday of the America's Best Value Inn and Suites on Oak Street when they observed a white and a black suspect sitting on the sidewalk at the north end of Comfort Suites.

"While sitting on the sidewalk, we observed both of the males place a pipe to their mouths and light it with a lighter," an incident report reads in part. "It appeared to us that the two males were smoking marijuana."

After the suspects went back inside the Comfort Suites hotel, the officers stopped them on the fist floor and asked to search them. Police reportedly found "multiple syringes, foils and a bottle cap with a dried piece of cotton" in the white male suspect's backpack.

"In my training and experience, it appeared that these items were being used to consume a controlled substance," one of the officers wrote in his report.

Cody Johnson, 27, was ultimately charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and taken to the county jail following the incident.

Couple arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession

A Greenbrier couple was arrested Wednesday after police searched their motorcycle and reportedly found marijuana.

Jimmy Harmon was driving along Highway 65 with Regina Harmon when a Conway officer reportedly pulled him over for not wearing eye protection.

"I initiated a traffic stop due to the driver, Jimmy Harmon, not wearing eye protection as required by Arkansas state law," the officer wrote in his report, noting the motorcycle then pulled into the Skyline Inn parking lot.

The officer learned Jimmy had a suspended driver's license and that he and Regina "had a lengthy drug history." After learning the couple had been arrested for drug-related charges in the past, the officer asked for consent to search both individuals and the motorcycle.

During the search, the officer located about 1.75 grams of suspected marijuana and some "roaches" in the motorcycle's back left saddle bag.

According to the officer's report, no other contraband was found.

"I did not locate any contraband on Mr. Harmon's or Mrs. Harmon's person," he wrote in his report. I contacted [the sergeant on duty] due to the lengthy drug history of both parties ... [and he] advised that [an] arrest was the preferred action."

Because the Harmon's had rented a room at the motel, they were allowed to leave their motorcycle at the Skyline Inn.

"Mr. Harmon advised that they had rented a room at Skyline Inn due to their electricity being shut off and wanted the bike left there if possible," the incident report reads in part. "I spoke with the hotel owner, who stated that due to them having a rented room, they could leave the motorcycle in the parking lot. I decided to leave the motorcycle at the owner's request, but advised him that the Conway Police Department would not be liable for any theft or damage to the motorcycle if he decided to leave it at the hotel."

Jimmy said he understood the risk and still wanted to leave his motorcycle at the motel.

Woman reportedly struck by truck

A McCrory woman reported being hit by a truck in the City of Colleges Park parking lot last weekend.

According to an incident report, the woman went to the Conway Police Department to file a report regarding an incident that occurred Sunday evening.

In her statement, she told police she was walking in the parking lot at the park when she was struck by a black Chevrolet pickup truck.

The woman reportedly sustained bruising and had some abrasions on her right leg from falling onto her side after being struck by the truck.

"She told me that that truck's rear bumper struck her in the right hip and leg while it was backing out of a parking space," the responding officer wrote in his report. "She went on to say that the driver of the pickup truck asked if she was OK ... [and] described the driver of the truck as a short, middle-aged white male with short brown hair."

The 39-year-old woman said she did not know the man's name, but believed his last name was Beechy.