From Conway Police Department reports

Suspects lead two agencies in early-morning chase

An unknown man driving a maroon Dodge Ram truck led the Conway Police Department and Faulkner County Sheriff's Office on a pursuit early Friday morning.

A Conway officer was patrolling Harkrider Street when he noticed the suspect vehicle did not have a functioning light above his license plate around 1 a.m. Friday. When the officer pulled behind the vehicle at the stop light at the intersection of Harkrider and Oak streets, the officer also noted the vehicle's brake lights did not work.

After noting the defective equipment, the officer reportedly activated his blue lights and attempted to pull the vehicle over.

The Dodge Ram did not immediately pull over and "appeared to accelerate slightly" when the officer turned on his blue lights, according to an incident report.

"It continued traveling north in the inside lane until the intersection of Garland St.," the incident report reads in part. "At this time, the vehicle merged into the outside lane without proper signal and continued traveling north. Finally, the vehicle turned east onto Walnut St. and continued to slow roll until we were just east of Sutton St., where it stopped."

The Conway officer ran the vehicle's information through the Arkansas Crime Information Center and learned 45-year-old Scott Ruminer had received a warning citation while driving the vehicle in December 2017. As the officer walked up to the vehicle, he saw Ruminer was sitting in the passenger seat.

"I approached the vehicle on the driver side and made contact with the driver, who only rolled the window down about (four) inches," the officer wrote in his report. "The driver was a younger white male and Ruminer was in the front passenger seat."

When the driver learned he had been pulled over because his license plate light and brake lights were not properly functioning, he reportedly asked the officer if he could pull over into a parking lot and check his fuses. The officer told the man was welcome to do that after he was finished with the traffic stop and asked the man for his ID when the man reportedly looked over at Ruminer and sped off from the scene.

"When I asked for the driver's information, he looked at Ruminer," the officer wrote in his report. "Ruminer began waving his hand forward and said 'F***ing go now.' The driver then put the vehicle in drive and sped off."

The officer said that as he chased after the fleeing vehicle, they reached speeds up to 70 mph on Oak Street. Before the vehicle merged onto the interstate, the officer also noted it appeared "there were items being thrown from the windows."

The suspect vehicle reportedly "accelerated to a high rate of speed" and "crossed [two] lanes of traffic without regard to the safety of other motorists traveling on the interstate" after merging onto I-40.

The chase continued as the suspect vehicle ran several red lights until the officer eventually lost sight of the vehicle on Acklin Gap Road. According to the report, Faulkner County deputies soon located the vehicle and pursued it until they lost sight of it "somewhere around the White County/Faulkner County line."

LR woman suspected of shoplifting

A Little Rock woman was arrested Friday morning after reportedly trying to steal dog food and other items from the Kroger on Salem Road.

The store's loss prevention officer called authorities shortly after 10 a.m. after 47-year-old Miranda Stewart allegedly tried to steal dog food and fraudulently return some pots to the store.

"[The loss prevention officer] stated that Miranda got dog food and pots from the store and took them to customer service to try and exchange the items," an incident report reads in part. "Miranda changed her mind and only wanted to exchange the pots and stated that she would just keep the dog food. Miranda did exchange pots and attempted to leave the store without paying for these items before being caught by [the loss prevention officer]."

Stewart was ultimately banned from the store before being cited on suspicion of shoplifting and taken to the county jail.