From Conway Police Department reports

60-year-old charged with public intox

A 60-year-old Conway man was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of public intoxication after a woman called authorities because she was concerned he fallen to the ground from a heat stroke.

According to an incident report, police and paramedics were called to a residence along the 1700 block of Tyler Street shortly after 2 p.m. after a woman "witnesses a black male fall over while walking down the road."

"She believed that he may be having a heat stroke, so she had him sit on the porch of this residence," the incident report reads in part.

As the responding officer walked up to check on the man, he immediately recognized the man in question as 60-year-old Joe Stewart.

"Once I approached the man, I knew him to be Joe Stewart," the officer wrote in his report. "I know from experience that Stewart likes to drink alcohol excessively ... [and] asked him if he had been drinking."

Stewart reportedly admitted he'd been drinking alcohol, stating he'd drank "every ... damn thing."

Paramedics verified Stewart had not suffered from a heat stroke and was "just extremely intoxicated," according to the report.

Because the 60-year-old had already fallen while walking down the street, the officer said he "believed he was a danger to himself" and ultimately charged Stewart with public intoxication and took him to the county jail.

Conway man falls victim to scam

A 57-year-old man reported Friday afternoon that his elderly father had fallen victim to a scam.

The man told authorities his 88-year-old father received a phone call from a man "posing as his grandson needing $2,000."

The scammer posing as the victim's grandson reportedly told the 88-year-old man he needed $2,000 to post bond from a jail in Mexico after being involved in a potentially fatal accident. The scammer requested the 88-year-old load the funds on gift cards and provide him with the card's information after they were loaded.

After the 88-year-old man's son learned of the incident, he immediately called police, noting the money had already been withdrawn from the cards from two separate Walmart stores in Springfield, Missouri, according to the report.

Suspect steals wallet from man at 10 Box

A 55-year-old suspect reportedly stole a man's wallet as he was checking out at 10 Box on Friday.

Conway police were called out around 4:30 p.m. to 10 Box after a man said someone stole his wallet while he was shopping at the store.

In his statement, the 57-year-old victim said he was checking out in Lane 3 when he placed his wallet onto the kiosk. The man said he noticed his wallet was missing as he reached to grab it to pay for his items and believed the older black man that was standing behind him took his wallet.

"At the time of contact, [the victim] stated he observed an older black male standing behind him in line," the responding officer wrote in his report. "When management spoke with me, they provided me with information that corroborated [with the victim's] statement about the man behind him."

The store's manager said a black man wearing a white shirt with a white ball cap was standing behind the victim in Lane 3 prior to the 57-year-old man's wallet reportedly going missing. According to the manager's statement, 10 Box staff saw the suspect take the victim's wallet.

"They observed the male slip [the victim's] wallet into his pocket," according to the incident report. "They then saw the male leave through the parking lot and head east onto 6th Street."

According to the incident report, 10 Box staff identified the suspect as 55-year-old Clifford Crenshaw.