A Mayflower man was reportedly held against his will over the weekend and forced to sign over to his attackers the title to his vehicle.

The 27-year-old Queens Manor resident told authorities he was allowing two women who were evicted from their home to stay with him. However, the situation reportedly turned south after he told them to leave his apartment.

In his statement, the man said he told the women to leave Saturday morning "because it was not working out and they were [not] helping him."

When he returned home at 10 a.m., he was hit over the head as he walked into his apartment.

The women in question who had been staying at the victim's apartment — Annette Kiehl and Krystal Lee — had invited 42-year-old Steve Wilson over to the victim's residence and Wilson reportedly hit the victim over the head with a stool when he returned home.

After being hit over the head with a stool, the 27-year-old Mayflower man said Wilson "then tied him up with a cord and cut the left side of his face with a pocket knife," according to a probable cause affidavit.

Wilson is accused of threatening to kill the victim in this case and demanded the Mayflower man sign over the title to his black 2010 Ford Mustang.

Scared for his life, the victim says he complied with Wilson's order. When he agreed to sign over his vehicle to Wilson, the suspect reportedly untied him. However, once he was released from bondage, the victim reportedly was drugged.

"[The victim] stated Mr. Wilson untied him so he could sign the bill of sale in which he complied due to fear of them killing him," the affidavit reads in part. "[The 27-year-old also] stated Mr. Wilson, Ms. Kiehl and Ms. Lee then told him to take approximately five Trazodone [pills] or they would kill him."

Before leaving the scene, the victim said that each of the suspects attempted to super glue his face shut because "his face was bleeding such a large amount."

A Faulkner County Sheriff's Office deputy spoke with the victim at Conway Regional Medical Center on Saturday regarding the incident. According to the deputy's report, the victim "was reluctant on giving the names of the subjects that attacked him due to them threatening his life and his parents' lives."

Authorities are currently searching for the suspects reportedly involved in this incident. As of press time Wednesday, no arrests had been made.