From Conway Police Department reports

Woman acts feisty toward arresting officer

A 40-year-old woman who was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated early Saturday morning reportedly attacked several officers and was forced to wear a helmet to keep her from spitting on those around her.

An off duty officer called the police department around 1:15 a.m. regarding a woman who was reportedly swerving all over Sturgis Road before stopping in the middle of the street.

The responding officer said that when she arrived on scene the woman in question, 40-year-old Racheal Henderson, was sitting in the driver's seat of her 2003 Nissan Maxima. The officer noted the woman was parked "partially in the southbound lane facing northbound" so she parked in front of the suspect vehicle to prevent Henderson from hitting another vehicle head-on, according to an incident report.

"I positioned my patrol unit in front of the car to prevent the car from hitting anyone head on," the responding officer wrote in her report. "I exited my patrol unit and the driver of the car began revving the engine up. I observed the driver pulling at the area where the gearshift would be and screaming inside the car. She continued to rev the engine up trying to drive but could not get the car out of park."

Henderson reportedly screamed at the officer to get out of her way and revved her engine until it began smoking.

The responding officer said she ordered the woman to get out of the vehicle and that when the suspect did, the officer noted "the odor of intoxicants was overwhelming" and that her clothes were disheveled. Along with that, the officer noted the suspect's eyes were bloodshot and watery, she was not wearing shoes and he speech was slurred.

According to the incident report, authorities found "an almost empty bottle of tequila" while looking for the woman's ID. After finding the woman's ID and finally being able to identify the suspect, authorities learned the woman also had a suspended driver's license. Because the suspect had to be forced into the officer's patrol car and had been screaming onsite, the officer decided to take Henderson tot he police department to administer field sobriety courts on the suspect, according to the report.

On the way to the police department, Henderson reportedly yelled out obscenities to the officer who was driving and began spitting.

"Just wait until I get out ... I'm going to spit on you and kick your ass," Henderson reportedly yelled out at the officer.

Once at the police department, the officer put a mask on the woman because she would not stop spitting everywhere, according to the incident report.

According to the officer's report, the woman showed six clues of intoxication during the Horizontal Nystagmus Test. The woman did not follow through with the walk and turn or the one leg stand tests, stating she suffered from pack pains and "couldn't do the tests sober, much less when she is drunk."

"Racheal had a roller coaster of emotions," the incident report reads in part. "She went from crying to saying she was not drunk, 'just broken hearted,' to screaming and yelling every few minutes."

The arresting officer also noted in her report that Henderson tried to wiggle her arm out of the handcuffs at one point.

"Racheal tried to take the cuff off her wrist and accomplished sliding it over her wrist to the point that it was almost removed," the officer wrote in her report. "I told her multiple times to stop and she would just cream at me to mind my own business. Once I saw how far she got the cuffs, I got up to recuff her. When I approached her, she tried to kick me. [Another officer] had control of Racheal and she tried to bite him. [We] then cuffed on of each of her hands to each side of the bench ... [and] put the mask back on Racheal, but she refused to keep it on."

Henderson reportedly kicked and spat at several other officers before being taken to the county jail. She was ultimately charged with a DWI, driving on a suspended license, second-degree terroristic threatening, resisting arrest and refusal to submit to a chemical test.