From Conway Police Department reports

Homeless man cited on suspicion of public intox after falling asleep in someone's yard

A homeless man was arrested last week after reportedly drinking and falling asleep on a mattress near the roadway.

Authorities were dispatched shortly before 8 a.m. July 5 to a Third Avenue residence after the homeowner said there was a man "shivering on a mattress in the front yard."

When the responding officer arrived on scene, she immediately recognized the sleeping man as 49-year-old Gregory William Gieseke, according to an incident report. According to the incident report, the homeless man began shouting incoherently when she woke him up.

"Upon arrival, I immediately observed the described man who I knew to be Gregory Gieseke from past law-enforcement-related encounters laying on the described mattress approximately one foot from the roadway," the responding officer wrote in her report. "I also observed that there were several objects scattered amongst him; including an empty bottle of Khortytsa Vodka. I tapped on Gieseke's leg to wake him up and he immediately popped up and began shouting."

The officer said Gieseke smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot, watery eyes and also noted his speech was slurred.

"He was also extremely disoriented and kept bursting out into bouts of incomprehensible speech," the incident report reads in part.

Gieseke reportedly did not know where he was or how he got on the mattress in front of the Third Avenue residence. According to the incident report, he attempted to leave the scene several times. However, each time he reportedly began to stumble as he stood up.

The 49-year-old was ultimately charged with public intoxication and taken to the county jail.

"Due to his behavior, I believed him to be intoxicated," the responding officer wrote in her report. "I also took into account his proximity to the roadway, the fact that he was unable to comprehend that he was trespassing in someone's yard, the fact that he had no where to go and my belief that he posed a danger to himself and a nuisance to the general public."

Smoke bomb damages mailbox

A Capewood Drive resident reported his mailbox was damaged after an unknown suspect set off a smoke bomb in it.

CPD was called out to the 2000 block of Capewood Drive shortly after 8 a.m. July 5 regarding the criminal mischief report, according to an incident report.

The 70-year-old resident reported a smoke bomb was set off in his mailbox sometime between 11 p.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday.

"The plastic mailbox and the door to it was melted in different places," according to the incident report, which also stated there was "blue residue inside the box [and] that it will need to be cleaned out."

Damages were estimated at $50.

Suspects reportedly steal bicycles moments after asking homeowner for directions

Two bicycles were reportedly stolen from a Donaghey Avenue residence last week.

The homeowner called police stating he was sitting in his vehicle around 10:15 p.m. July 5 when a black woman walked up and knocked on his window, according to an incident report.

The man described the suspect as a 19-year-old woman with pigtails wearing a baseball-style Chicago Bulls jersey. In his statement, he said the woman began asking him for directions to Kum-N-Go when a black man wearing a light-colored T-shirt and basketball shorts walked up.

As the second individual approached his vehicle, the 40-year-old man told the suspects he needed to go. At that point, his daughter walked outside stating two were riding off on their bicycles.

"Did they just take those bikes?" his daughter reportedly asked him.

The man told the officer he looked up to see the suspects riding east on Weems Street on bikes — collectively valued at $350 — taken from his residence. The 40-year-old man said he tried to catch up to the suspects but was unsuccessful.

The victim did not have the serial numbers for the bikes readily available but described them as one "black men's mountain bike ... and a pink and white women's bike that had 'Susan G. Komen' printed on it."