From Conway Police Department reports

Homeless man cited with public intox, suspected of arson

A homeless man was arrested late Saturday after he was found passed out in front of Church's Chicken on Oak Street.

Concespionne Joiner, 39, was charged with public intoxication after authorities were called out to Church's Chicken shortly before midnight Saturday.

Authorities were called out to the restaurant regarding "a male [who] was lying on the ground in front of the business and was not moving," according to an incident report.

After arriving on scene, the responding officer quickly identified the man in question as Joiner.

"Upon arrival, we made contact with a male whom was identified as Concespionne Joiner," the incident report reads in part. "Joiner was lying asleep when we arrived. Joiner has prior dealings with the CPD in reference to public intoxication and also had a strong odor of intoxicants emitting from his person."

As officers spoke with Joiner, he reportedly was unsure of where he was or how he got there. One of the officers also asked him about the whereabouts of his bicycle, noting "Joiner is known to travel on a bicycle."

According to the incident report, officers soon located Joiner's bicycle in front of Cupid's Lingerie. Authorities also noted finding a can of Bush beer and an empty bottle of T.W. Samuels, "the drink [Joiner] commonly consumes," in front of Church's Chicken.

Along with citing Joiner with public intoxication and taking him to the county jail following this incident, he was also identified as a possible arson suspect, according to the incident report.

While speaking with Joiner, one of the officers noted Joiner matched the description of an arson suspect from a report made earlier in the night.

"[A woman] described the suspect as a black male with a 'Hitler mustache' carrying a black backpack, wearing a plaid blue and white shirt and jeans, riding a black and white bicycle," the officer wrote in his report. "Joiner matched all these descriptions."

Conway man arrested early Sunday on suspicion of DWI

A 31-year-old Conway man was jailed early Sunday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Patrick Beavers was cited with a second DWI offense and also for reportedly driving without an interlock device in his vehicle, refusing to submit to a chemical test and driving on the wrong side of the road following an early-morning traffic stop.

A Conway officer was patrolling Tyler Street shortly before 2:30 a.m. Sunday when he noticed the suspect vehicle, a silver Lexus, drift into the opposite lane.

"The vehicle held this lane for an extended period of time, continuing to travel west in the east bound lane," the officer wrote in his report. "The vehicle slowly corrected itself into the westbound lane and turned its passenger blinker on while continuing to travel west on Tyler."

As the officer spoke with Beavers, who was driving the Lexus, he noted Beavers smelled strongly of alcohol, had glassy, bloodshot eyes, was having trouble answering "simple" questions and that Beaver was also reportedly breathing heavily.

According to the report, Beavers refused to take any field sobriety tests on scene but later agreed to take the test at the police department.

The officer noted in his report that Beavers performed poorly on the sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Another officer who aided with the traffic stop reported finding an open bottle of Ciroc Summer Colada underneath the front passenger floorboard before driving the female passenger home.