From Conway Police Department reports

Late night dine & dash

Three unknown suspects reportedly dined and dashed at a Conway restaurant last weekend.

A TGI Fridays server called police after a group of three fled the restaurant without paying their for their meals that collectively totaled $69.32.

The 22-year-old woman contacted the police department shortly after 10:15 p.m. Saturday regarding the incident, noting the suspects ran from the restaurant and fled in a silver Hyundai passenger car. She described the suspects as two white males — one with blonde, medium length hair and the other with brown, curly hair with blue eyes, and a thin female with long, black hair with braces.

The group had two tickets totaling $55.24 and $14.08 before tax that they reportedly did not pay for.

CPD responds to early-morning break-in

A Fair Oaks Drive resident reported his home was burglarized early Monday morning.

CPD received a call shortly after 6:15 a.m. Monday regarding a possible residential burglary on Fair Oaks Drive and arrived on scene shortly after 6:30 a.m.

The 34-year-old victim told police he woke up around 5:20 a.m. to his dog barking when he learned two suspects made entry through his kitchen window, which he said was left unlocked.

According to an incident report, the 34-year-old's live-in girlfriend's wallet was stolen, which had $540 in cash in it. The victim also reported the key to his business, Arkansas Window Tinting was stolen and that he suspected two former employees he recently fired.

Authorities were unable to find fingerprints on a flashlight the victim said was left behind by the perpetrators bud did find shoe prints on the south east side of the fence surrounding his yard.

Oakwood Village resident suspected of threatening another man at knifepoint

CPD arrested a 37-year-old suspect following a Tuesday incident where the man reportedly tried to stab another man in the Oakwood Village Trailer Park.

Records show authorities were called out to the trailer park shortly after noon Tuesday after James Bates, 37, of Conway reportedly tried to stab another man with a knife.

Bates reportedly fled, according to witnesses on scene, before authorities arrived.

"An initial search of the area did not produce ours suspect," one officer wrote in his report, noting there were conflicting reports regarding what direction the suspect fled after attempting to stab the victim. "According to some of the residents of the trailer park, the suspect initially hid under an abandoned trailer. They then stated that as sirens from the approaching officers got nearer to the scene, he then fled further into the park."

While speaking with a few of the Last Chance Ministries residents, a man matching the suspect's description reportedly arrived on scene and was immediately detained.

"At this point, this male was detained due to the circumstances surrounding the crime," the incident report reads in part. "This male was identified as James C. Bates. Bates' arms were covered in tattoos just as [the victim] had described. He was also wearing a white shirt and dark sweat pants. Due to the fact that he matched our suspect so well, [a detective] was contacted and informed of the situation at hand."

The detective had the victim point out the suspect in a "drive by line up," and the victim "gave a positive confirmation that Bates was the assailant."

Bates was ultimately charged with aggravated assault and taken to the county jail following the incident.


Police find pills during traffic stop

A 49-year-old woman is facing a felony possession of a controlled substance charge after authorities reportedly found Hydrocodone pills in her vehicle during a Thursday traffic stop.

Dawn Allen, 49, of Springfield was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony, and also cited for reportedly having defective equipment following the stop.

Officers reportedly pulled over the white Chevrolet pickup truck Allen was driving along Oak Street at the intersection of Interstate 40 after noticing the vehicle only had one functioning brake light.

While speaking with Allen, one of the officers asked her if she'd ever been arrested before. Allen replied by saying she was arrested once before while riding in a vehicle that "had some stuff" in it. When asked to clarify what she meant by "stuff," Allen elaborated that there was "dope" in the vehicle.

After receiving the OK from Allen to search the pickup truck, authorities reportedly found two Hydrocodone pills in her wallet. Allen allegedly told police she got the pills from a friend and was ultimately charged with possession of a controlled substance and cited for only having one functioning brake light.