Betsey & James Gooch

Children:  J.B., age - 25 yrs; Brittnee Taylor, age - 23 yrs;  Patricia, age - 22 yrs

Hometown: James is from Jacksonville, AR and Betsy is from Omaha, Nebraska   

Occupation: James is a Process Server part time serving legal papers and Betsy has worked for the past 7 years at Conway OBGYN as head scheduler for 3 physicians

What’s something people wouldn’t generally know about you?  In January 2019, James and I will have been together for 20 years! During our marriage we have had many obstacles and struggles but we have never given up on each other. There is always times in a marriage that you can feel disconnected and distanct, but our advice is to perservere through those times because there is a rainbow after the storm. God is the glue that holds marriages together and as long as you put Him first, your love will never fail!

What’s the last music you listened to as a family while driving?  

Betsy- KLOVE it’s pretty much all that I listen to in my car.

James- 5FDP is my favorite band but I like listening to 100.3 The Edge too  


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Betsy- Starbucks and 

Andy’s Frozen Custard                                                       James- a cold bottle of frappucino


What’s the one thing in your home you want to get rid of but that your spouse won’t allow?

Betsy- We recently went through stuff when we downsized so there is really nothing I want to get rid of.                                                           James- My wife has a plant that 

is dying a slow death and I wish 

I could just throw it away and 

put it out of its misery. 


Who is your favorite animated character?

Betsy- The Donkey off Shrek

is pretty darn funny   

James- The Road Runner- 

cause he’s smart and untouchable


What are you most passionate about? 

Betsy- I am passionate about 

living a positive life and sharing 

the love of Christ to others.            

James- I am passionate about 

loving and being there for my 

3 kids anytime they need me.  

What is the furthest you’ve been from home and why?

Betsy- I think probably to New York to climb the Statue of Liberty when I was a young kid.                                                               James- I lived in Germany when I

 was little because my dad was 

stationed there in the Air Force.


Do you prefer mountains or the beach?

Betsy- Beach Beach Beach - 

it’s my favorite place to be

James- Definitely the beach


Who do you most admire?

Betsy- my Mom and Dad; they are the most giving, kind and loving people I know 

and I am so blessed to be their daughter. 

James- My mom; she has raised 6 kids, fought cancer and won, and has the biggest heart of gold. She’s pretty amazing!


Which is your favorite restaurant in town?

Betsy- That is hard cause I love food. 

I would say between JJ’s and Old Chicago.

James- Toad Suck Bucks- Best steak around


Is your family more Elvis or Beatles?

Betsy- ummmm I dont really listen to oldies but if I have to pick I guess Elvis

James- Neither


Who is the better driver?

Betsy- hands down ME 

and I know James will say 

it’s him but that’s not true!

James- ME :)

Who is the calmest? 

Betsy- James, although 

I have come a long way.  

James- I would say I am calmer but

it really depends on the circumstance. 


What is your family’s favorite hobby?

Betsy- meeting up at Starbucks with 

all of our kids and hanging out.

James- going on a cruise is our favorite family hobby- we are hooked


Where do you go to church?

Betsy- St Joseph Catholic Church

James- St Joseph Catholic Church   


What is your favorite memory as a family?

Betsy- I don’t have just one favorite, we have so many wonderful family memories over the last 20 years. I do love spending quality time together when we go on vacations. 

James-  All of the many vacations 

that we have had as a family. 

Nebraska, Branson, Florida, Dauphin Island and all of the cruises we have taken.