On the Kent Bush column

Dear Editor,

I highly commend Mr. Bush for his excellent editorial in the July 29, 2018 edition of the Log Cabin. It is well written and strikes at the heart of the matter regarding the current U.S. President, Christians and their malleable morality. Although not a christian, I was always led to believe that followers of Jesus tried to follow him and his principles. A March poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that 75% of white evangelicals surveyed had a positive opinion of Donald Trump. So much for Jesus and his commandments!  

Another grievance of mine is that we have a liar and bully in the White House.  As one would expect, bullying and dishonest behaviors  appear to be condoned and on the rise in our country. This is especially concerning in regard to our young people who badly need a positive example from the country's leader.  

I agree that Mr. Bush's words are truths that need to be shared. I appreciate him for having the courage to use a public forum to do so.

— Doris Hutchins, Conway