Guy News
By Brenda Dowdy

If you didn’t show up to the Guy Perkins School Reunion, all I can say you missed a wonderful time! It was great seeing everyone from different classes! There was a total of 88 people who showed up. Some drove two hours to get here and some that live right here in Guy didn’t even show up which was very disappointing! Thank you Ruth Sparkman Michaels for going beyond to make this happen. It was great food and fellowship! I was disappointed in my class for not coming! In two years we will be celebrating 50 years. I hope they can come to the reunion. I plan for it to be a different time of the year, maybe that will help! Who knows?

So many need our prayers! Jeanie Glover, Aimee Gover, Beth Hartwick (wife of Jerry), Bessie and Darrell Bearden, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Alice Shipley, Glenna (Burroughs) McGinty, Albert Woods, Ed Stephens, Diane Remus, Theoda and Myra Griffith, and Tammy Thorn. If you have someone to put on our prayer list, let me know.

This Sunday, the Guy church of Christ will be welcoming our new minister Josh Herndon.

School will be starting next week. Please be careful driving on the highways, those buses carry special cargo! We also have a wonderful school for children to attend! The PTO has out done themselves again to buy and furnish all school supplies for each student! Please pray that our teachers and students have a great year!

Please send news to or give me a call at 501-450-0395. Have a great week!

Happy birthday to Dawson Watkins! Others having a birthday this week Melvin(Pete) Thorn And Anita Acre! Recent birthdays Kathy and Richard Gronke and Sue Clay hope each of you had a great birthday!