Eastside Elementary in Greenbrier made its way into the community recently during the second annual Selfies at Greenbrier Sonic event.

Principal Mandi Dunlap said teachers and the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) were in attendance.

“I came up with the idea as a way to meet and greet students,” Dunlap said. “WE had this event for families to get plugged into school in a community-friendly atmosphere.”

Not only was it a way for the students to meet Dunlap, she said, but also a way to get to know the school’s new assistant principal, Hanna Manning.

Altogether, Dunlap said, they had about 40 families show up at Sonic, including many with kids who were new kindergarteners in the district.

“Kids loved the event,” she said. “They got to take a selfie with us and some of the teachers.”

Dunlap said they all got to enjoy a little Sonic too.

“I love that Sonic is a great community partner with us,” she said. “Strong community partners build strong schools.”