Henderson named to YDAR Diversity Panel

Rene Henderson has been chosen by the Women's Caucus of the Young Democrats of Arkansas (YDAR) to serve on a diversity panel. Other panel members included Senator Joyce Elliott, Terri Hollingsworth and Lupe Peria de Martinez. The panel explored diversity among women in different professions.

Henderson, a now-retired UCA Masters prepared RN said: "It was a very timely discussion to have as there is quite a bit of opinions surrounding the 'liberty and justice for all' language in the Pledge of Allegiance."

Health care and nursing must continue to make greater strides in recruitment, training, hiring practices, promotions and benefits equity among all population groups deemed lesser by the status quo, Henderson said.

During this forum the panelists intimately shared their workplace and educational experiences. Young Democrats in the room soaked in the information and Arkansas can do better. Everyone in attendance agreed that discussions of this type were beneficial and that more should be conducted throughout the Natural State, Henderson said.

While most of Henderson's career was in geriatric nursing, she spent considerable time as a Professor of Nursing. Henderson held numerous leadership positions in nursing and received one of the most coveted statewide awards in nursing, The Nurse Innovator Award by the Arkansas Nurses Association. Henderson still reports on and writes articles related to health care and health professionals.

The panel discussion was held at Christ Episcopal Church in Little Rock on Sunday. Bettina Brownstein, an attorney with the Little Rock office of American Civil Liberties Union and a leader in the Progressive Arkansas Women's PAC served as panel moderator.

YDAR is a political organization that promotes gender equality and advocates for women's rights. Olivia Rizzardi is Chair of YDAR's Women's Caucus.

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