From Conway Police Department reports

Woman attacked while walking home

A 26-year-old woman was attacked Saturday while walking home from Kroger.

The Herford Street resident told police she and her boyfriend were walking to Kroger on Oak Street when her boyfriend branched off on Gum Street because "he had something that he needed to go do and began walking down Willow Street," according to an incident report. Although he no longer was going with her, she continued walking to Kroger.

In her statement, the woman described being jumped by two black women on way back home.

"[The victim] stated that while walking at the intersection of Herford and Guernsey [streets], she was hit in the face by two black females," the incident report reads. "[The woman] stated that she fell on the ground when she was kicked in the ribs ... [and] that she blacked out while on the ground."

The woman had difficulty recalling what the two suspects looked like and what they were wearing and requested paramedics be called to the scene "because her head was beginning to hurt more than it did earlier" when she initially called authorities.

"[The 26-year-old] stated that she was having problems remembering details ... [and] that she could only remember that it was two black females," the report states. "She could not tell me what [the] females were wearing or any clothing descriptors."

Paramedics took the woman to Conway Regional Medical Center to have her injuries further treated and evaluated.

63-year-old falls asleep on porch, charged with public intox

A 63-year-old woman was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of public intoxication after falling asleep on a Davis Street resident's porch.

Police were called out to a residence in the 300 block of south Davis Street shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday after the homeowner reported Cheryl Ann Vowell was asked to leave her home and instead fell asleep outside on her porch.

Officers who responded noted Vowell was "heavily intoxicated" when they arrived and that she was "laying half on the porch and half in the flower bed not moving or making a noise," according to an incident report.

As officers spoke with the complainant, Vowell suddenly woke up and began kicking the complainant's property.

As she became increasingly more violent, Vowell reportedly grabbed one of the officers' radios and began yelling obscenities into the radio.

Vowell was arrested on scene and ultimately cited on suspicion of public intoxication, harassment and resisting arrest.

Police aid couple suffering from overdose

Authorities were called out to a possible domestic disturbance at the Oak Street trailer park early Sunday morning when they learned the individuals involved were not fighting, but instead suffering from an overdose.

According to an incident report, police were dispatched to the trailer park shortly before 12:30 a.m. and began searching for the possible victims and suspects in this matter.

"After a few minutes of walking, we heard a female screaming in a nearby trailer," one of the responding officers wrote in his report. "I could hear a female screaming and repeating that she 'needed help' from inside of the trailer. As I walked up to [the trailer], I could see a white male in the living room through an uncovered window adjacent to the front door. The white [male] was attempting to calm a white female down. The female seemed very distraught and was very vocal, but there did not seem to [be] a domestic violence component to this incident."

Upon further investigation, the woman admitted she'd taken "two parachutes" of methamphetamine, meaning she consumed meth by rolling it up in toilet paper and swallowing it.

"When I asked her if she needed medical help, she said: '[R]ehab, I need to go back to rehab.'"

The two admitted to using 6 grams of methamphetamine during a four-day period and that they needed medical attention. After calling paramedics to the trailer, one of the officers on scene asked if there were any other drugs or paraphernalia in the residence to be disposed of. The officer further explained that under the Joshua Ashley-Pauley Act, the two would not be charged for having the contraband if they surrendered it.

""I then asked [the man] if he would give me all of the drugs and any drug paraphernalia located in the residence," the officer wrote in his report. "I informed him that since he and [the woman] were both seeking our help in good faith so they could receive medical treatment, that we would not charge them with any drug offense if they had any items in the residence."

The couple handed over a plastic baggie with methamphetamine in it as well as a glass pipe and a plastic straw.

According to paramedics on scene, the two "had elevated heart rates, dilated pupils and both were very dehydrated."