From Conway Police Department reports

CVS employee reports stolen phone

A CVS Pharmacy employee reported her phone stolen last weekend.

According to an incident report, the woman was hanging up tags in one of the aisles in the store when a customer asked her for help. The woman told police she left her iPhone sitting on the cart while she left to assist the customer around 1 a.m. Aug. 5.

She later noticed her phone was missing and suspects someone stole it as she was assisting the other customer.

"[The employee] stated that she hleft her cell phone on the cart she was using and assisted the customer," the incident report reads in part. "she stated that the incident happened between [1-1:30 a.m.]."

Woman threatened at knifepoint at laundromat

A 37-year-old homeless man was jailed earlier this week after he reportedly threatened a Conway woman at knifepoint.

Police were called out to Conway Coin Laundry on Harkrider Street shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday after a 29-year-old woman reported Anthony Stufflebean pulled a knife out and threatened her at the laundromat, according to an incident report.

Officers met up with the suspect at the Walmart on Skyline Drive as he was pumping gas.

According to the report, Stufflebean became "defensive and agitated" when officers began asking him if there was an incident at the laundromat.

While officers spoke with Stufflebean at Walmart, others remained on scene at Conway Coin Laundry to talk with the alleged victim. The woman told police she suspected Stufflebean of stealing her phone a few weeks prior to Tuesday's incident, noting he approached her at the laundromat and offered to give her a phone but that she refused it. When she refused to accept Stufflebean's phone, she said he quickly became aggressive and threatened to cut her.

"[The woman] stated that Stufflebean was trying to giver her a phone since he was the one who stole hers a few weeks ago," the incident report reads in part. "When [the victim] asked Stufflebean to leave her alone, he became very aggressive and pulled out a large knife and threatened to cut her."

As officers spoke with Stufflebean, he admitted there was a knife in his vehicle next to the driver's seat. While retrieving the knife from Stufflebean's car, police also found marijuana hidden "in the storage hole in front of the gear shift."

Stufflebean was ultimately charged on suspicion of aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance and taken to the county jail.

CPD responds to housefire

A Conway officer was patrolling near South German Lane and Bean Street on Wednesday when he noticed a possible structure fire.

The officer noted in his report that he was patrolling South German Lane and Bean Street around 5 p.m. Wednesday when he learned there was a possible fire at a Center Street home.

Because he was nearby, officer Matthew Tucker drove over to the residence, located in the 400 block of Center Street, where he immediately noticed smoke coming from the residence, according to an incident report.

"When I arrived, I observed smoke coming out of the top of the structure," Tucker wrote in his report.

Another officer soon arrived on scene. Because the fire department had not yet arrived on scene, the officers ensured no one was inside the home.

"Due to smoke coming from the structure and fire not being on scene, Officer Culliford and I deemed it necessary to make entry into the residence to attempt to locate any persons or animals," the incident report reads in part. "We knocked on the door multiple times and no one answered. At this point, we forced entry into the residence by kicking the front door open. We cleared the residence. No persons or animals were found. While checking upstairs, I observed that there were flames actively burning on the side of the wall."

Once the fire department arrived on scene, officers informed them the house had been cleared and where they believed the source of the fire was. Before leaving the scene, CPD called the homeowner to let him know of the situation.