Jessica & Brandon Smith

Children: Austin, 8; Tinley, 5; Brody, 4

What’s something people wouldn’t generally know about you? 

Jessica was a roller skating champion in her younger days and still has the moves.

What’s the last music you listened to as a family while driving?

Jessica: A child’s request,  “Our God’s not dead he’s surely alive!” 

Brandon: They sing this at the top of their lungs over and over!  


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Jessica: Reality TV. I cry when they cry on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  

Brandon: Oreos with milk at bedtime.


What’s the one thing in your home you want to get rid of but that your spouse won’t allow?

Jessica: Hole-y underwear!!! 

Brandon: Kids trampoline. 


Who is your favorite animated character?

Jessica: Cinderella. 

Brandon: Popeye the Sailor man. 


What are you most passionate about? 

Jessica: Interior Design lights my fire. 

Brandon: Being a good role model for our children. 


What is the furthest you’ve been from home and why?

Both: St. Thomas US Virginia islands on a cruise we did last spring with the entire family. So memorable when your kids, cousins and grandparents are all together.


Who do you most admire?

Our old church pastor, Craig Groeschel, best of the best. He forever changed our lives for the better. 


Which is your favorite restaurant in town?

Serranos $5 Chicken tortilla Soup!! 


Is your family more Elvis or Beatles?

Both: Beatles 


What is your family’s favorite hobby?

Both: Camping. Teaching the kids how to rough it is quite interesting. 


Where do you go to church?

Both: New Life Church -Conway Campus.


What is your favorite memory as a family?

Both: Carribean cruise Spring 2017. Our kids loved every single second  and still ask for “NO TOYS for Christmas, another boat trip please”.