Centennial Bank continues to reach its clients through a wide variety of services, but it is the staff who make relationships possible.

Centennial Insurance Agency is a full line independent insurance agency that began in 1959. On July 1, 2000, the agency was acquired by Centennial Bank. Also in July 2000, a branch office was opened in Cabot.

Now, Centennial Insurance Agency partners with more than a dozen companies to provide the very best in personal and business insurance, ranging from auto and home policies to workers’ compensation options. 

Shelly Strange received her license in 1993, and she says the job chose her.

“My personal insurance agent approached me and asked me if I would like to come to work for him, so I did! It was a blessing then and has opened many doors through the years,” she says.

Insurance, Strange says, is not the easiest field to talk about, but she has a passion for people and found a fit with her career.

“I love talking with them about it and helping them to under-

stand it,” she says. “I think that insurance has been an industry where women have excelled for years but there is always room for more opportunities.”

Strange says the ability now to earn a degree in the field has opened a new pathway for young people, offering a broad range of experience and education. No longer does being an insurance agent seem like a desk job.

“There are so many levels and areas that you can work in,” she says. “It’s not just behind a desk.”

And as a woman, the career choice enhances the value of the job.

“I think that the passion for educating the consumer is a huge thing for me,” she says. “You can turn a really bad experience into a real relationship just by taking a few minutes to talk about things.”

For more information on Centennial Insurance Agency, log onto www.my100bank.com. Contact Shelly at the Conway location, 501-339-2938.