When it comes to the business philosophy behind Trendy Cleaning Services, it’s not about where you’ve been, says owner Crystal Weekley, but about where you’re going. 

Weekley started Trendy Cleaning in 2012, taking a leap of faith after working in the cleaning services industry most of her adult life.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into this business for five years,” she says. “I have a true passion for what I do, and I truly like to help people. I cannot imagine doing anything else — no kidding.”

Prior to taking the leap into small business ownership, Weekley worked for another local cleaning service. Although she had a full-time job, she took other jobs on the weekends and at night to make ends meet. And eventually, she saw a path for her own company — one that would open doors for people like her. She structured her business with employees in mind, building in incentives and bonuses and opportunity to advance. 

“I want people to see that there is room for everyone in this,” Weekley says. “More people should find things — a trade — they can do on the side. I mean, it’s how I raised my kid.

“Since opening the business, I have tried to help other people, single mothers like me who sought out my help. I just keep saying to them, ‘You can do this.’ It doesn’t matter what you’re life was like or what you’ve been through. No one is going to hand you anything. You don’t have to have gone to college. And whatever struggles you’ve had, you can overcome. You can turn your life around. But you have to work. You have to have a standard of excellence and you can’t go forward with excuses.”

When Trendy first took off Weekley had a storefront, but business was so overwhelming she soon realized her time would be better spent in the field alongside her employees. She also knew she needed to organize a work-life balance for all the things she deserved for herself.

“I wanted to cut expenses, simplify my life and get back to what feels good,” she says. “I am focused on relationships with my clients and animal rescues and gardening. There are so many things I like to do and at one point I was so consumed by work … I said to myself, ‘I can’t lose sight of why I’m doing this. It was a scary decision to make. It was an ego thing at that point because I had poured blood, sweat and tears into this business.

“But I realized, I can do it all again if I have to — that I wanted to broaden my life. More people should do it.”

Now, Trendy Cleaning is a top-rated Faulkner County family-owned business having previously placed as a finalist in the Log Cabin Democrat’s Best of Faulkner County Awards. Weekley has a myriad of services now, including maid services, staging, laundry services and decorating. Trendy specializes in home and business cleaning, but also new construction cleans and much more — pet care and house sitting are among service offerings.

But Weekley says she gets joy from relationships she builds with customers, finding ways to help organizing and decorating.

“I’m different, and I wanted a different image for the business. That’s how I picked the name,” she says. “I’m trendy. I’m different. I’m the underdog. But I’m creative, too, and I think that helps. I can help clients on a budget. It is what sets me apart.”

Weekley’s 16-year-old daughter has witnessed her mother work hard from infancy. 

“When I was 22 years old, I would clean apartments with a baby on my hip,” she says. “I am lucky my daughter is different than me. I was a hard head. She has goals for herself and she’s found those things on her own. She has a job and helps me when I need her. 

“What I’ve taught her, and what I hope to teach others, is to keep pushing yourself. You’ll work harder than you’ve ever thought you could and you’ll have opportunities.”