This can be true especially for girls, teens and young ladies.  If you visit with a twirler for a while, she may mention her “baton twirling family”.  In fact, NBTA-National Baton Twirling Association-has a popular slogan, “We are family”.  Having a group to support you, cherish you and help you out is a huge plus!  Through twirling, we develop confidence, a sense of strength, awareness of talents and value as a person of worth.   Many females struggle with a lack of confidence, self consciousness and uncertainty.  It can be a part of growing up for some girls.  In twirling, you go at your own speed of learning, achieve small daily goals, develop bigger long term goals and celebrate many types of success.   You succeed as an individual and often, as a member of a group.  

Good time management is a great skill and habit to develop and twirlers must learn this in order to excel in academics, twirling, band and life!  They learn to get it done!  And, do it well!

Confidence in yourself shows in every area of your life.  You test your skills on a regular basis and become sure of yourself in presentation and development.  You learn to share your talents and knowledge with others while having FUN!

Leadership is a quality every twirler develops.  Step up, go that extra mile, help others and be an asset to your organization.  Twirlers are great role models and school representatives.

Fitness is something we all care about!  Twirling is a total body workout and is FUN!  Be comfortable “in your skin” and develop your strength.  Learn what fuels your body and make good fitness habits while you’re young.

Give to your community through performance and spread joy by sharing your talent!  Twirling is a great talent for those doing pageants.  Three of our students have become Miss Texas and one Miss Washington DC who was top 4 in Miss America! Through some pageant systems, you can earn scholarship funds, be active in community service and help those who are less fortunate.  Build your community!  Fund your education!

Mental toughness and determination to succeed will stay with you throughout your life.  Twirlers develop the “mental game” through training, performing and often competing.  It is a valuable life skill.

Scholarship Many colleges and universities across the country offer scholarships for baton twirling!  

Join us and share the twirling love!  All levels-beginner through elite!

Great for homeschoolers!

Janice Jackson Seamands is a charter member of the Baton Twirling Hall of Fame, instructs and judges across the USA and Europe, has produced state, regional, national and world champions in every major twirling organization and has had twirlers at over 40 colleges and universities as well as high schools throughout the nation.