From Conway Police Department reports

Threatening texts

A Conway woman woke up to threatening messages from an unknown suspect Thursday morning.

The 28-year-old woman met with an officer shortly after 8:30 a.m. Thursday at the police department, stating "she woke up this morning to a very disturbing text message," according to an incident report.

Reviewing the suspicious texts, CPD saw where the complainant received several messages from an unknown suspect stating they were going to kill the 28-year-old and her children.

The woman told authorities she believed the suspect was messaging her off a text-only app, noting she attempted unsuccessfully to call the several numbers she'd received threatening messages from.

In her statement to police, the woman said she'd recently re-filed for child support from her children's father, and believes the messages were some sort of retaliation to that.

Along with receiving a report number regarding the incident, the woman also asked for CPD to increase patrol through her neighborhood since the suspicious number had also threatened her children.

Pickup truck worries bicyclist

A bicyclist contact authorities Thursday morning after reportedly being followed by a man driving a gray Dodge pickup truck.

According to an incident report, a 50-year-old woman contacted police around 9:30 a.m. to report the harassment.

In her statement, she recalled being near Farve Lane and Gardenia when she first noticed the suspicious vehicle. As the truck passed her, "she noticed that it slowed down and she felt as though the driver was watching her as he slowly turned onto Gardenia in the Southwind Neighborhood."

The woman said she continued east before cutting through the Spring Valley neighborhood, adding she "specifically remembered riding on the small walking track under the power lines just west of Morning Glory [Lane]."

"She said that while she was leaving Spring valley, she observed the same truck coming at her and observed the white male driver watching her again," the incident report reads in part. "She then stated that as she was on Pulaski [Drive] that the vehicle passed her a third time. Once she crossed Salem [Road], she turned down Eggman Lane and stopped because she didn't want the male to follower her to her house."

The woman described the suspect vehicle as a gray Dodge pickup truck with some charcoal and red coloring on it also. The driver, she said. was a white man with brown or dark colored hair and dark skin.

Traffic stop leads to meth arrest

A woman who was reportedly driving without her headlights on was arrested after police allegedly located a pipe and about a quarter of a gram of methamphetamine in her vehicle.

A Conway officer pulled over the 22-year-old woman shortly before 5 a.m. Friday after noticing he black 1997 Toyota Rav4 she was driving did not have its headlights on, according to an incident report.

The woman reportedly pulled into her own driveway when the officer turned his blue lights on. According to the officer's report, the driver, identified as Summer Marie Moore, was shaking and seemed nervous when he walked up to talk to her and explain the reasoning for the traffic stop.

"I asked the female to exit the vehicle and for consent to search the vehicle," officer Hayden King wrote in his report. The female granted me consent to search the vehicle. When asked if there was anything in the vehicle that I needed to know about, the female stated 'my dance bag.'"

Inside the duffel bag was a glass pipe and about a quarter of a gram of meth inside a Crown Royal bag, according to the report.

Moore was ultimately charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia before being taken to the county jail Friday morning.