Students at Mayflower Elementary School welcomed hundreds of visitors to the campus for the annual Grandparent’s Day festivities on Monday.

Principal Candie Watts said this is an yearly event that gives students an opportunity to show their family members what they’ve been working on.

The day began with a fourth-grade performance in the cafeteria.

After, grandparents made their way to classrooms where teachers had fun activities prepared like Grandparent Bingo and the reading of special books, for example, “How to Babysit a Grandpa,” by Jean Reagan in second-grade teacher Kristen Johnson’s class.

“All of the grandparents and the students seemed to enjoy our read aloud,” Johnson said. “Our Grandparent Bingo was a fun way for students and grandparents to think about the different fun activities they’ve had together.”

She said the game was also a way for the students and their guests to add new activities they haven’t done before to their list of things to do together.

“Grandparents are special people in children’s lives,” she said. “It’s so important to take the time to show the ones who love and care for our students how much they are appreciated.”

Having a day on the school calendar where they can do that, Johnson said, is “wonderful and exciting.”

“Allowing the grandparents to have an afternoon to be involved in the school culture and spent time with their grandbabies is always a treat,” she said.

Johnson said she thinks grandparents are oftentimes, “essential parts” of a student’s life, adding joy, support and encouragement.

“Watching my students’s faces when their grandparents walked into the room was priceless,” she said.

That was the case with second-grade student Millee Gordon.

The 7 year old welcomed grandparents Ronald and Brenda Gordon, of Clarendon, and Connie Joshlin, of Conway.

Brenda said this is their youngest grandchild but that they have been doing grandparent’s day for years, always looking forward to the day when it comes around.

“We love doing it,” she said.

Brenda said Millee had the biggest grin when they entered the room and immediately went to showing off her desk, her work and more, proud to have them there.

She said Millee’s mom did Millee’s hair that morning and the young girl even dressed up for them, eager for the day.

“It’s a special day for her,” Brenda said.

Johnson said the day went great.

“Having 20 extra adult bodies in a classroom can be a struggle, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves,” she said.