Conway Writers Group

Members of the Conway Writers Group met weekly during August on Friday afternoons from 2 to 4 at the Ola and John Hawks Center in Conway. Co-leaders Bob R. and Jean L. began each meeting with current announcements, a welcome to newcomers, and an invitation to members to voluntarily read their current or previous work of poetry and prose in many forms.

August 3

Neal W. read a short story about his boyhood visit to his uncle’s farm. It included a memory-making head-on encounter with a bull in the pasture. His father advised, “Stand your ground, back away, and avoid a confrontation.” Dan B. read an essay with reflections on reaching a life milestone – an 80th birthday. Mike M. read a recently revised version of “Second Chance,” his poem about the anticipated arrival of a great-granddaughter in the family.

August 10

Treece E. read three short poems and three haikus based on these themes: Infinity, Time, Space, Reality, Power, Mind, and Soul. Michael A. wrote and read ”Cain Ridge Report,” his short story based on an unusual yet actual event at a religious revival in Kentucky in 1801. Joyce H. read her short prose piece entitled “Omens.”

August 17

Carroll W. read a historical piece that presented a wider picture of the 1941 attack on the U.S. Navy Base at Pearl Harbor, HI. Mike B. read several of his rewritings of popular nursery rhymes done in an enhanced, lofty style. As a fun-to-write creative exercise, he challenged members to bring a selected and rewritten nursery rhyme to the next group meeting. Bob R. read a working draft of a biographical magazine article about a renowned athlete in the 501 area. This article will become part of a continuing sports-oriented series published by a regional magazine.

August 24

Because the Ola and John Hawks Center would be closed next Friday, CWG Co-leader Jean L. announced that the group would meet at the Art on the Green Gallery in Conway for one time only. Several members presented their rewritten prose or poetry nursery rhymes in response to last week’s challenge by Mike B. June S. read her humorous short story, “Sticky’s Choice,” about a young man who had to choose between his pet dog and his girlfriend.

August 31

The Ola and John Hawks Center was closed on this day, so the group met at the Art on the Green Gallery instead. Jean L. presented the current draft of a proposed informational brochure about Conway Writers Group. Mike M. offered to take high-res digital photos of all members at upcoming CWG meetings for inclusion in the brochure. Mike B. offered a comedy piece based on pop culture songs that he linked to movies with clever but zany associations. Dan B. read his enigmatic short story, “The Open Window,” about a mysterious ongoing pattern of an open and then closed window in an apartment complex with no apparent cause. Joyce R. read a current chapter from her continuing work on a novel she described as a Christian romance.

About CWG

Conway Writers Group meets weekly to support and encourage each other and improve the craft. Members view all writing as creative. Its goals are to encourage, assist, and celebrate writing in all its forms. Meetings are free and open to the public. Members take inspiration from author Isabelle Allende who advised, “Write what should not be forgotten.”