From Conway Police Department reports

UCA student facing DWI, possession charges

A 25-year-old Conway woman was arrested on suspicion of a DWI and also for reportedly having Xanax pills and other drug paraphernalia following a weekend crash.

Conway police and paramedics responded to a crash near Smitty's Bar-B-Que along Harkrider Street shortly after 5:30 p.m. Saturday involving a 25-year-old who had reportedly overturned a red GMC Envoy. According to an incident report, authorities on scene believed the woman was intoxicated.

Because the driver, Haley Eubanks, was bleeding from both legs and had scratches on her face following the crash, authorities had her checked by paramedics before questioning her about what caused the crash.

"I took her to the waiting ambulance and had her checked by [Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services] personnel," one of the responding officers wrote in his report. "After she was cleared medically, I started inquiring about her about her accident. I noted that she was very upset and cyclical in her statements. She kept repeating that she was just accepted to the doctoral program at UCA and that this would 'kill' her insurance."

As officers worked the crash scene, police reportedly found drug paraphernalia in her vehicle, prompting them to ask for permission to search the 25-year-old's purse.

"Investigator [Richard] Shumate tried talking to her about drug paraphernalia that he located in her vehicle, then asked to search her purse and backpack," the incident report reads in part. He found a clear plastic bag of marijuana and another clear plastic bag with pills that Eubanks identified as Xanax. I asked her if she had a prescription for that and she replied no. I then requested a PBT and took an initial breath sample with a result of .14 on scene."

Eubanks faces a DWI, two counts of possessing a controlled substance and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia following the incident.

Suspects unsuccessful in stealing sign

Two unknown men reportedly tried to steal a sign from Cracker Barrel shortly before midnight Saturday.

According to an incident report, police were called to the restaurant along Skyline Drive late Saturday regarding a possible burglary in progress. Police were notified "there were two white males wearing camo attire with masks on who had attempted to steaal a sign from the front wall on the outside of the restaurant" and fled in an older-model vehicle.

The restaurant manager told police he saw one of the men take "a long, tube-like structure out of a nearby trashcan and used it as a stool to begin trying to remove a vintage sign from the outer wall of the restaurant." According to the manager's statement, he hit the window, which startled the suspects, causing them to flee.

"When [the manager] observed the [suspects], he began banging on the window from inside the business," the report states. "This startled the male that was on the stool and caused him to fall onto the ground. The two then began running towards a dark, older model sedan before starting it and driving towards Skyline Dr."

The restaurant told police the suspects fled before making off with the sign. Before leaving the scene, the responding officer provided the restaurant manager with a report number and instructed him to call police3 with any supplemental information should any other evidence become available.