From Conway Police Department reports

Suspect conceals cosmetics

An unknown suspect reportedly stole $54 worth of makeup from Belk over the weekend.

According to an incident report, the loss prevention officer at Belk contacted the police department Wednesday evening to report a theft that occurred Sunday.

The store's loss prevention officer told police that a Hispanic woman reportedly walked into the store Sunday morning and stole several items.

"During this time, the Hispanic female grabbed a shopping bag out of the store and stole various items," the LPO said in his statement to police. "[The loss prevention officer] stated that she stole approximately 10 (Naked 3) makeup pallets. The Hispanic female then left the store with the items at approximately [6:15 a.m.]."

Belk employees did not know who the alleged thief was at the time the complaint was filed, according to the incident report.

Homeless man high on meth, arrested for trespassing

A homeless man who police believed was high on methamphetamine was jailed Wednesday after reportedly wandering near a home he'd previously been banned from.

Authorities were called out to the Oakwood Village Trailer Park located on East Robins Street shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday regarding a man who was causing a disturbance in the area and was near a trailer he'd previously been ordered to stay away from, according to an incident report.

When police pulled into the trailer park, officers soon located the suspect, 25-year-old William Henry Jones III, near a home he'd previously been banned from. As officer Hayden King approached Jones, he noted the 25-year-old "was sweating profusely and could not make coherent sentences."

"Mr. Jones' speech was rapid and his movements were quick/exaggerated," the incident report reads in part. When asked what he was doing or where he was going, he could not provide an answer. I noticed that Mr. Jones pupils were extremely dilated and when exposed to direct light, made no change. Due to my training and experience as a drug recognition expert, I knew all of Mr. Jones' symptoms to be consistent with that of a CNS stimulant."

After learning Jones' was involved in a prior incident in which police found he had "an unused hypodermic needle" and after instructing him several times to stay away from the home he'd previously been banned from, authorities ultimately arrested the 25-year-old and charged him on suspicion of criminal trespassing and pubic intoxication.

22-year-old jailed for violating restriction requirement

Following a defective equipment traffic stop, a Conway man was put behind bars for reportedly violating his license restrictions.

Ryan David Morse, 22, was arrested Wednesday afternoon for reportedly violating his license restrictions for not having an interlock device installed in his vehicle.

According to an incident report, an officer patrolling near the intersection of Harkrider Street and Siebenmorgen Road noticed a black Volkswagen drive by that had a windshield wiper "stuck in the middle of the windshield, directly in the driver's field of view."

Officer Brittany Byrd said she initiated a traffic stop because "it was an overcast day with rain off an on and it was apparent that the wipers were inoperable."

After speaking with the driver of the Volkswagen, police learned Morse had a restricted license requiring that he have an interlock in his vehicle. However, the 22-year-old was forthcoming and told Byrd he did not have an interlock installed in his vehicle.

"As Ryan provided me with his license, he stated that his license was restricted an that he was supposed to have an interlock device in is car," Byrd wrote in her report. "I asked why he did not have the device and he stated that he has not had the car very long and has had difficulty trying to get the interlock device installed. Ryan also stated that he has been cited and arrested recently for driving a vehicle without an interlock device inside."

Morse was ultimately arrested on scene, according to the report.

Byrd allowed his friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat, to drive the vehicle off the scene to avoid having the Volkswagen towed.