September 14


10 Years Ago

The Log Cabin Democrat was celebrating its 100th anniversary of printing a daily newspaper. The first daily was published on September 14, 1908.

The Greenbrier Lettermen’s Club greeted the Greenbrier football team as they took the field for the home opener. The group had been organized by Wayne Hartness to recognize and promote current players.

Cadette Girl Scout Ashten Yarberry from Troop 535 was pictured helping Sarah Sides, 7, make a craft during the Girl Scout recruitment event at Simon Park.

Sen. David Pryor was at That Bookstore at Montebanq Place promoting his newly published book, “A Pryor Commitment.”


25 Years Ago

Capt. Bill B. Lawrence joined the staff of the Air Force 97th Medical Group at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

Harvey Adams was pictured using a tractor to contain burning construction trash in the new Adamsbrook subdivision named after his father, Charles Walter Adams, and his granddaughter, Emily Brooke Adams. The subdivision land had been in the Adams family for more than 100 years and was being jointly developed by Adams and his son, Johnny.

Russ Peterson, Phil Kulp and Bryce Marti, new K-Life staffers, were pictured in front of the K-Life House, 1836 Duncan.


50 Years Ago

The Bluebird Kindergarten, taught by Mrs. Russell A. Stewart, opened its fall term. Students were Donnie Beene, David Burgess, Billy Ford, Stuart Goodloe, John Gunderman, Melissa Hancock, Jerry Hansen, John Jackson, Amanda Lieblong, Billy Parks, Amy Raymond, Don Starr, Chuck Thompson and Danny Wolffe.

The Conway Ministerial Alliance met at the Municipal Building to select a nominee to the Faulkner County Board of Election Commissioners. Bill F. Johnson, a 29-year-old radio station part-owner and manager, was selected.

Martin P. Strack, a Conway mail carrier, was winner of the Zenith color television that was given away by Security Savings and Loan.


75 Years Ago

One of the largest gatherings of Masons ever held in Faulkner County was expected for the open-air meeting atop a hill off new Highway 65, a short distance south of Greenbrier. Master Masons would meet at George Joseph’s store and go to the meeting on a bus.

Rev. Paul Bumpers, senior in Hendrix College, was named pastor for the Conway circuit and would serve Methodist churches at Salem, Mayflower and Graham’s Chapel.

The Young Business Men’s Association was considering holding a county livestock show in the fall. It was hoped to secure the ASTC barn for staging the one-day show.


100 Years Ago

After receiving a description of a 14-year-old boy over the telephone, Marshal J.R. Piercey was able to find him in the crowd attending the circus in Conway. The boy had run away from his Little Rock home, coming on a train to Conway. Young Warren Bush was being held in the city calaboose until Little Rock authorities sent further instructions.