On cycling and staying active

Thanks to the LCD for the excellent article, “BPAB Encourages Riding, Walking” (8/25/18) detailing what one city board is doing to make Conway a more livable community. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, in cooperation with The Conway Advocates for Bicycling (CAB) and the League of American Bicyclists, has done an excellent job of advising the City Council and the public, on issues mostly relating to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and promoting the national Safe Routes to School program.

Over the same nine years, CAB has been sponsoring group rides, including the Community Ride leaving Simon Park at 2 PM on the last Sunday of every month, bike education programs such as bike rodeos and demonstrations at local elementary schools and the adult Smart Cycling classes taught by League Cycling Instructors such as myself. In addition CAB helps sponsor The Bike Share and Repair Garage at 2329 College Ave that provides low-income people and their children with bikes and a place to come to have their bikes repaired.

Our community is fortunate to have hard working volunteers planning and implementing such projects. In addition, the League of American Bicyclists has recognized both Hendrix College and the University of Central Arkansas as Bicycle Friendly Universities and Kimberly-Clark-Conway and The Ride (at the Silver Level) as Bicycle Friendly Businesses. Thanks to all the volunteers and leaders such as Tab Townsell, Erik and Tara Leamon (The Ride), Peter Mehl (UCA), and Todd Ache (Kimberley-Clark) for making Conway a more healthy, safe, and fun place to live. For more information contact CAB by email at cabcycleconway@gmail.com, go to www. cycleconway.org, or go on Facebook at “Conway Advocates for Bicycling.” Finally, at wealth of information and support for bicycling is available from the League of American Bicyclists at www.bikeleague.org.

— James Bruce, Conway

On the Faulkner County Assessor election

I am a registered voter (unaffiliated) in Faulkner County, and I am writing to express my confusion about the race for Faulkner County Assessor.

Recently, questions have been raised by several individuals regarding whether Krissy Lewis has established a domicile in Faulkner county, or whether she continues to maintain her domicile with her spouse in Plumerville, which is located in Conway county, while claiming residence in Faulkner county. These questions deserve a clear answer so that this election may proceed fairly without any doubt about a candidate’s eligibility for office.

In the interest of ensuring a fair race, with all candidates following the official guidelines (see attached candidate guidelines, page 14), I am requesting that you unequivocally establish the location of the domicile (not simply the listed residence) of Mrs. Lewis in a timely manner. Former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has addressed this sort of situation in detail in opinion #2012-122; this document may be useful as a guide (see attached opinion, particularly pages 2-6).

It is fundamental to the principles of democracy upon which our nation was founded that fair elections are held, with all parties and candidates following the established rules.

— A Faulkner County Voter