The final episode of “Student Selects: A Young Filmmakers Showcase,” featuring must-see films made by students from across Arkansas, will air on the Arkansas Educational Television Network Friday, Sept. 28, at 6:30 p.m.

Films to be featured Sept. 28 include:

“2137,” produced by Lakeside High School, Hot Springs. After spending 2,136 days in school, what will be remembered on day 2,137? This film recounts all the time spent in school and what it means to people. It reminds viewers of the nuances of grade school all the way through high school.

“Life Behind the Catch,” produced by Bentonville High School. This film shows the beauty of trout fishing in the most serene rivers imaginable, tells the tale of how incredible the natural world really is, and how trout fishing can access those wonders. Chandler Shewmaker won the Cinematography Scholarship from the Thea Foundation for this film.

“The Birthday Bully,” produced by Don R. Robert Elementary School. Written, directed by and starring a 10-year-old, “The Birthday Bully” is the story of a young girl and her struggle to fit in at a new school. Despite her best efforts, the birthday bully is turned against her, and she must make a choice in an attempt to preserve the good in the world.

“The Secret Behind Cinnamon,” produced by Lakeside High School. This short film details the creation of Will’s Cinnamon Shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas. “The Secret Behind Cinnamon” takes viewers on a journey from the conception of the shop all the way to present day, where Will Byrd never expected to end up today.

“Unity,” produced by Springdale District TV. This is a short, inspirational message that reminds viewers that it differences make people whole, and when people unite their strengths are highlighted.

This fall AETN Student Selects will also host the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival’s Emerging Filmmakers Program. Additional information, submission guidelines, entry deadlines and application forms are available at

“Student Selects,” now in its 12th year, is an annual event that grants these future filmmakers the opportunity to submit their film and video handiwork for possible broadcast on AETN, streaming on, and screening at the Young Filmmakers Showcase and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in October.

High school seniors were invited to compete for $10,000 in college scholarships from the Thea Foundation.

Four $2,500 Young Filmmaker Scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors who entered and qualified. This Thea scholarship competition was unique in that it was open to students who attended public, private, charter or home schools, as well as those who have completed their GED. Scholarships were awarded to the student’s institution of choice, regardless of planned major, GPA or test scores.

In partnership with the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and the Arkansas Humanities Council, ninth through 12th grade students, including home-schooled students, competed for the Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize, which only accepted documentaries about historic sites in the state that were 50 or more years old. The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program is the Department of Arkansas Heritage agency responsible for identifying, evaluating, registering and preserving cultural resources.

The Thea Foundation is a nonprofit, public foundation founded in 2001 by the parents of Thea Kay Leopoulos, Linda and Paul David Leopoulos. The founders and board of directors have adopted the mission of carrying Thea’s legacy forward through advocating the importance of art in the development of youth through educational and promotional activities and to encourage individual participation in art through scholarship, partnership and other programs.