The Conway City Council will discuss adopting a Pedestrian Master Plan, upping the requirements for storm water discharge designs, applying for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant and more during its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Judge “Jack” Roberts District Court Building.

The meeting is open to the public and won’t be preceded by a committee meeting.

The council will discuss a resolution to adopt a Pedestrian Master Plan in an effort to become a more walk-friendly city.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) helped develop the Pedestrian Master Plan by compiling community surveys, walkability assessments, public hearings and stakeholder recommendations.

The Pedestrian Master Plan is designed “to increase pedestrian network connectivity; to improve pedestrian safety by designing and installing crosswalks, sidewalks, and streets with all modes of transportation in mind; to develop an inclusive pedestrian network accessible to all citizens as part of a comprehensive active transportation plan,” according to the proposed resolution.

Aldermen will discuss adding more stringent requirements for storm water discharge design for new developments.

If approved, detention volume would be based on a 100-year storm event and the structures must be designed to release a flow rate no greater than storm water runoff from the pre-development site.

The council will consider applying for an 80/20 FHWA Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) grant that has a maximum award of $1 million. The proposed ordinance includes a request to appropriate $12,500 to use for a preliminary engineering study and bridge grant application.

The Street and Engineering Department recommended Fisher Arnold provide the professional engineering services for the project, the ordinance stated.

Also Tuesday, aldermen will consider transferring $690,200 from the street fund balance to the street projects account for improvements along Donaghey Avenue.

The street department will request to enter into an agreement for professional services with Garver, LLC “to make approximately 1.5 miles of street, drainage, and intersection improvements along Donaghey Avenue from Prince to Dave Ward,” the proposal reads in part.