The Conway City Council adopted a Pedestrian Master Plan, strengthened the requirements for storm water discharge designs and more during its regular meeting Tuesday.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) member Bethany Stovall said adopting a Pedestrian Master Plan would allow Conway to apply for a pedestrian-friendly city status much like it earned the bicycle-friendly city status.

“It shows that we do support these pedestrian-friendly measures,” she said.

Aldermen approved adding more stringent requirements for storm water discharge design for new developments.

“We’ve been working for quite some time on a drainage manual … that we hope to have to you soon,” Street and Engineering Director Finley Vinson said.

In the meantime, the changes the council passed require “using a better more robust method of calculation for detention,” Vinson said.

Aldermen approved the city applying for an 80/20 FHWA Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) grant that has a maximum award of $1 million for the Salem Road Bridge over Tucker Creek.

“Salem Road has really picked up traffic and we’ve got to widen the bridge,” Mayor Bart Castleberry said.

Aldermen approved Garver, LLC to make street, drainage and intersection improvements along around 1.5 miles of Donaghey Avenue for $690,200.

“This is the first step for Donaghey Avenue,” Castleberry said, noting that Conway Corporation will do its infrastructure work in 2020 and the city will begin rebuilding it when that is complete.

All items were approved 7-0. Alderman Theodore Jones was absent.