On governing vs. politicking

I have thought for some time about writing this letter to the newspaper. It seems so relevant at this time. So here goes.

The late Stanley Russ, as most of you know, was our state senator for the Conway Area for many years. He was a man of great integrity, wisdom, intellect, etc. He was a great senator and representative for the people of Faulkner County. 

One day in conversation with him, he gave me the following quote: “The art of good government is solving problems; the art of politics is gaining power.” 

If you are keeping up with the national news, you surely know who is trying to solve problems and who is trying to regain power. 

— Joyce Garrison, Conway

On Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Arkansas

I find it very interesting that Vice-President Pence came to Arkansas for what has been called a rally for candidate French Hill. It was free, but the public was not invited.   

It was "invitation only" to the elite few. And candidate French Hill continues to campaign by running his opponent, Clarke Tucker, down and making statements about what Clarke Tucker would do, such as vote with a certain democrat. How does French Hill know how Clarke Tucker will vote?   

French Hill also declined an invitation to be interviewed along with Clarke Tucker on Channel 7 last week.

Clarke Tucker, on the other hand, has run a campaign based upon what he stands for and what is important to him. He does not run down French Hill or make claims to know what French Hill would do in any given situation.    

I encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote!

— Margaret McClain, Conway