A drainage culvert collapsed creating a sinkhole at the intersection of Robins Street and Donaghey Avenue around 9 p.m. Tuesday, prompting city officials to close the road for safety.

The city reopened the road Wednesday morning.

“Kudos to [Street Superintendent] Jacob Reynolds and his team,” city spokesman Bobby M. Kelly III said. “As soon as they caught wind of it, they worked through the night and had the road opened in time for school traffic.”

Kelly said the collapsed culvert highlights the importance of doing the proper improvements to streets and in an order that makes the most sense.

For example, some residents have questioned why Donaghey Avenue isn’t scheduled to be rebuilt until 2020 after Conway Corporation relocates the utilities in 2019.

“That sinkhole opened up because all along the Donaghey corridor there are galvanized metal pipes, which over time rust and are no longer used,” Kelly said. “It illustrates the need for us to completely rebuild Donaghey and wait for Conway Corp to redo those utilities. We don’t want o overlay a street or rebuild a street and then have to have Conway Corp go in and work on utilities.

“If that pipe stayed in there, they’d haver to dig it up later, [messing up] the rebuilt road. And there’s always the possibility that something like this [the culvert collapse] can happen on a rebuilt road if Conway Corp didn’t move utilities first.”

Kelly said the most logical decision isn’t necessarily the most popular one.

“t might take a little longer for projects to get done but at the end of the day, you have a better product,” he said.

To view all the current and planned street improvements, visit cityofconway.org/pages/street-department.