I’ll admit it. I go a little overboard decorating for holidays. It’s one of my quirks that my husband tolerates and that my children love. My kids start talking about what they’re going to be for Halloween in September. Why? Because I have pumpkins out already in September and the Chasing Fireflies Halloween catalog comes in the mail.  My children will look at this catalog for hours and talk about what they want to be for Halloween. Invariably their attention turns to our dogs. Dressing up our dogs is almost as much fun.

You can coordinate your pet costume with your child’s costume, or let your pet’s individuality shine through. We recently got a toy poodle puppy and I love this dog. I had a black poodle as a little girl, and I’ve wanted a toy poodle for about 20 years. Finally got one! This little puppy has been all the rage amongst my children and their friends, especially my daughter. Her friend, Haven, brought the cutest little dog costume over. Somehow whenever you see our little black poodle, Peanut, you really want to put something pink and cute on her. I also wanted to show that she could be cute and fierce, so we also tried a Wonder Woman costume.

Our other dog, a 5-year-old shih tzu named Cotter, is not at all happy with his new sister. An appropriate Halloween costume for him would be that of a grumpy old man. He would nail it. He could just go as himself. But, my children don’t think that’s very funny, so Cotter will be an ewok this year since they’re Star Wars obsessed and shih- zus already look like ewoks anyway. However, the head piece is giving Cotter a little bit of trouble, so we also tried a hot dog costume. And a lion costume. He was the least miserable in the hot dog costume. The poodle loved them both!

Halloween is so much fun at our house and I hope you enjoyed seeing my two favorite dogs dressed up! Really I do, because my shih tzu hates me now.