Sure you can buy all of your Halloween decorations in a store, but where’s the fun in that? I stopped by a local thrift store for some inspiration on some DIYs for Halloween, and I found some great things! I’m going to show you how you can make your own creepy candelabra, Halloween canisters, and festive books for display.

Let’s get started!

I saw these canisters at the local thrift store and I knew they’d be perfect for some spooky spell supplies. If you need a place to store your eye of newt, you can make these canisters from any that you have around.


• Black Spray paint

• Gray acrylic paint

• Water

• Gold metallic paint (I used Precious Metals premium leafing finish)

• Paper towels

• Paintbrush

• Mod podge

• Scrapbook paper

• Printer


1. Clean the canisters.

2. Spray paint black. Let dry.

3. Mix gray acrylic paint and water. Lightly brush over the black paint. Wipe off excess paint with paper towel. Let dry.

4. Print spell ingredient labels on tan scrapbook paper. I used photoshop to make labels. If you want these you can download them   

    on my blog,

5. Cut the spell ingredients to the size you need for your canister.

6. Attach label with mod podge. I also tore little pieces of scrapbook paper and filled in the design on the canister.

7. I also used some scrapbook paper to fill in the fruit designs on the canister.

8. Paint details with gold metallic paint to highlight the canister.

I always need books to put things on to add different heights to my seasonal displays. I found these books at the thrift store. Don’t worry. None of these are literary masterpieces.  It was simple to make these books Halloween ready to add in to my decor.



• A book that should’ve never been written

• Scissors

• Mod podge

• Scrapbook paper


1. Remove any dust jackets.

2. Spread mod podge on book cover and spine.

3. Place scrapbook paper. Leave about an inch to fold under the cover, trim the rest with scissors.

4. If there’s enough scrapbook paper, wrap around to the back of the book. If not, use a second piece of scrapbook paper.

5. Trim the paper by the spine even with the spine of the book.

6. Cover the front and back covers and the spine with mod podge.

I think candles can be the spookiest, yet not scary, thing for the little ones. I started with this plain jane candelabra and added some inexpensive candles. 



• Candelabra to transform

• Mirrored Paint

• Spray bottle of water

• Black acrylic paint

• Glow-in-the-dark paint (optional)


1. Clean your candelabra. It seems that everything I get from   

   a thrift store has a layer of dust and dirt on it. I like painting 

   my finds, I don’t like painting dirt. Make sure you clean it 

   well before you start.

2. Spray your candelabra with the spray bottle. I sprayed 

   liberally and let the water bead. I was going for a tarnished 

   silver look.

3. Spray the wet candelabra with the mirrored spray paint. 

   Obviously, do this outside in a well-ventialted area.

4. Let dry.

5. (Optional) Spray with glow-in-the-dark paint. Let dry.


I like this project because it doesn’t look like you just spray painted your candelabra. Next, just add some candles and you’re done. There are so many things you can do with this. I added some poison bottles and a decorative chain. 

You can see more photos of these projects at